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Minister of Education Reports

 Minister of Education Reports         
A Man's Comment on Antisemitism Blue-Collar' Prof at Center of Academic Freedom Case
Jewish Linguists Need Not Apply

Persecution in India March 7,2004

The Haters of Israel and Jews Come Out of the Woodwork Tahitha

CBC Blames Israel for US torture of Iraqis

Imams Do Not Know Their Own Book
Presbyterian USA Leaders Anti-Semitic What do the people below have in common?
UN and Anti-Semitism

Christian Disaster Relief Ignored by Media

When Will They Ever Learn

Democrat’s Religious Adviser Embraces atheist causes

Divestment from Israel Why Beslan?
Weather and American Officials Act Against Israel Persecuting Christians in the U.S. #1
Response to Riots in France Persecution of Christians Growing in U.S.#2
Would You Trust Kofi Annan With Your Life Iraqi Christians Persecuted
Europe Reaps Fruit of Its Anti-Semitism Seenath No More

Eurabia Nightmare – God’s Judgment

Nightline, 13 January 2005
Anti-Semitic Law & Order Religious Discrimination in Illinois
Christian Support for Israel Desecrate Koran Outrage; Desecrate Bible Yawn
Israeli Flag Burned  
Closet Anti-Semitism Exposed  
United Methodist Church Breeds Jew Haters  

AntiChristianism Section

Prof 'Execute Republicans' Aimed at Christians Profane Hatred

Elton John’s 60th Birthday Revenge

Offensive Bibles  
AOL Discriminates Against Christians and Conservatives  
Atheist Michael Newdow: Attacks on Christianity  
When is a hate-crime not a hate-crime?  
Christianity Under Attack!  
Anti-Christian Persecution – Sudan  
BBC Biased  
Dumbing Down The Scriptures Let Freedom Ring
No Sign of God at NYC High School

Tisha B'Av


The Spirit of Female Goddess Worship

Ministry to Seniors NPR Smears Christian Group
Veterans Lies About Bible History
Interesting Times - End Times The Cost of Raising A Child
Herod's Palace Found The Georgia Lottery
Pro-Abortion Movement Declares War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Sodomite Weddings Become the Fad in the Fallen Church

Predatory Planned Parenthood Why are There Protests and  Attacks Aimed at American Soldiers in Iraq?
Tithes & Offerings Seeking For Children
Perilous Times Historic Repetition
Eternally Secure in Christ Coloring Between The Lines

Special Report- The WTC Disaster and the Islamic Mind

Words From The Cross
Why We Need Revival Thankfulness - The Missing Need
Stem Cell Parts 1 through 3 Questioning The Patriotism of American Muslims
The Necessity of Missionary Support & Outreach Understanding Language & Culture in Bible Translation
Krystalnacht It's A Different World View At Issue
Issue Surrounding The Word of God Islam Question of Attitude
The Importance of Language in Bible Translation On Global Governance
Body Piercing & Tattooing BBSA Allow Sodomites
Agent Orange Review for Leukemia 9/11 - One Year Later
Why Support What We Don’t Support? It Would Probably Be Breaking The Law Now
Who Makes the Decisions? Song Ballad
Military of 21st Century Includes Horses

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem During World War II

Halloween Hornswoggled Media Bias in Sniper Reporting
Rhetoric Against Christians Increase Display The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments - Indispensable Supports

Jason Blair Said Racism Was Involved

The Ten Commandments Makes Society Civilized

Bishop of Jerusalem

Temple Stone Discovered Eating Babies

The Ungrateful French

Who Is Smarter
Abu Abbas

Christian Music: When Is It Christian?

Demise of the Liberal Left is a False Hope How To Conduct Yourself During Preaching
The Palestinian Maps are Missing Israel

Nuking The Nuclear Family

Martha Steward and Microsoft The Continuing Value of VBS
Lets be Fair to Homosexuals Evidence For Human Decline

Katherine Hepburn

Charlie Chan:What He Teaches Us
Post War Germany v Post War Iraq It's About Islam, Stupid

PBS and BBC: Bite the Hand Department

Homosexuals Advance Their Cause

Gun Control Issues - The United Nations Is  Interested...

Citadel drops pre-meal prayer

Our American Birthright

The Rulings of Judges that Create Law Are a Cause for Concern.

Halloween Hoodwinked Darwin's Eaters Are Not Fussy
Largest Solar Flare Ever Biblical World View
Abortionists Who Didn't Call 911 Christmas Is Becoming Extinct
PLO Persecutes Christians Political Egotist's "Dis" Christians
Al Qaeda Still Recruits in U.S. Jails

Immigrants Need to Adapt

Captain Yee Bush's Immigration Plan
Christians in America Should Vote John Kerry Warning-Christians Think Twice 
Deaths of Pilgrims Reveal Evil of Islam The Death of Sheik Ahmed Yassin
Janet Jackson's Super Bare Global Warming Causes an Ice Age
Kerry at Rally with Hanoi Jane Would I Boycott MTV
Cost of Women in the Ministry President's Day- Antipatriotic
Open Letter to John Kerry: Homosexual Weddings
Four Years Ago in 1999 Increase In Civil Marriages
One World Religion - Report # 1 One World Religion, Report # 2
Russia In Bible Prophecy Russia Is Still Evil
Where Was God on 9-11 Which Political Party is for the Working Man?
Homo Bishop-Porn Website Honor Weighing In On The Passion Movie
Abortion Increases Suicide Rates Britain Losing Faith in God
3R’s Now 3 H’s The United Nations Commission on Human Rights

 The Fighting 69th

Getting The Corner On Crude
That Old Terriorist

What, Who, and Why You Say Yes

Do You Believe Christ Rose From The Dead Da Vinci Code

Bad Day at Fallujah

Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Scandal

Democratic Plan to Stop Bush

The False Energy Shortage
Memorial Day 2004 In Memorial
Rendezvous With Destiny Castro Cuts Reagan
Massachusetts Judge Probably Colluded With Homosexuals More Than a City
Violence Among Girls Increasing More on the Canadian Insanity
Four Reasons Religious Freedom Vital To US Interests New Promotion of NIV
Pastor Jailed for Offending Homosexuals NEA Endorses Kerry for President
Foreign Student Enrolment Declines Reasons to Vote Kerry-Edwards
Churches in Iraq Los Angeles City Seal
I Have A New Hero In Arizona Untruth made Truth
Marriage Amendment Fails - The Battle is not over I’m Still Not Flying
False Pedophilia Charges Planned Parenthood Gives Kids 'Porn' Book
Girlie Men, Crybabies, or? Terrorists In America: Interdiction
Same Sex Marriage Folly Close To Home
The Difference Between Bush and His Detractors Vicar Produces Nude Calendar
Israel Should Strike Iran Boy Scouts Persecuted by ABA
Schwarzenegger Disappoints Bush African American Again
Alan Keyes for Senate Should Christians Vote?
The First Reason I Oppose Kerry John the Baptist’s Cave
The Second Reason I Oppose Kerry Should Dick Cheney be Replaced
The Third Reason I Oppose Kerry First Americans
My Fourth Reason I Oppose Kerry Alcohol Is Still a Bad Idea
The Fifth Reason I Oppose Kerry Colin Powell Needs to Retire
The Sixth Reason I Oppose Kerry Applause Changed to Booed
Dobson Says Boycott Procter and Gamble Beatle Tripping
Boycotting the Play Offs Become a 100% Church
Election Terrorism? Why Misleading Exit Polls?
Christian Voting Made a Difference

Election Victory Is The Lord's

Specter Haunts Second Term Target targets the Salvation Army
ACLU Tries to harm American Military Criticisms of U.S. Being in Iraq
Politicizing Science Medical License of Governor Ernie Fletcher at Risk
GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularities Merry Christmas from Planned Parenthood 2004
Happy New Year? Seenath No More
The God of Death Reaps in India People Have Lost Contact With Love
The Fight for Your Home HIV Infection: The Rate Among Blacks Doubles
Terrorist Attack at the Cave of the Patriarchs

They Just Don’t Get It!

This illustrates the folly of unregenerate men who think they can keep the Lord from returning
Government in America Has Lost Its Moorings Animal Rights and Terri Schiavo
Passion Week Parody: The Death of Terri Schiavo What Sandy Berger & Michael Schiavo Have in Common
New Pope – Benedict XVI The False Energy Shortage
Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System Inflation – The Little Debbie Indicators
Yom Hazikaron or Day of Rememberance Speculations

N.C. Church – Democrats Need Not Apply

Emails 'pose threat to IQ'
The Minutemen

Nick Rowe

Schiavo Autopsy Conclusions Flawed Will the World Council of Churches Condemn American Evictions
Those Nattering Nabobs Why Judiciary Must Be Defended?
Guantanamo and London Network Media Lies
PETA again Reveals They are Rude and Crude Fuel Prices
Supporting the Troops Your Television News
Supreme Court Follies Superstitious Thailand

Teach Young Children Greek and Hebrew

Demographics Study Shows How to Get It Wrong
Black Friday Ali and Bush
Marine Alumnus Rejected by University of Washington Is Al Gore a traitor to the USA?
The Divine Feminine and False Bibles Brokeback Public Education
Rick Warren – Heretic? Illegal Immigration
National Geographic and the Gospel of Judas The Apostle Paul and the Gospel of Judas
Gnosticism and the Gospel of Judas Worst Mom of the Year 2005-06
ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI Cannot Give Up the Land
Memorial Day and Israel Father’s Day 2006
Questions Related to the Current Mideast Crisis Woodpecker More Important Than People
Mel Gibson – In Vino Veritas Kana - Old Ploy Replayed
False Prophets Hurt True Christianity Freedom of Choice
Ford Stop Supporting Homosexual Agenda What’s Happening in Israel?
For Illegals Some Cow Tracking Faith Surge after 911 Did Not Last
Gasoline Price Manipulation Common Sense on the World Council of Churches
Fuel Price Decline – My Conspiracy Theory This Current Election
Cindy Sheehan’s Nobel Prize Gerry Studds RIP?
North Korea’s Unholy War God Would Not Fail to Bless Obedience
Deciding My Vote Kerry Thinks Soldiers Dumb
Murdered Actress & Illegal Immigration Best Buy Worst Buy

Anti Christmas Companies

Debt Free Christmas
Mostly ProChristmas 2006 Sears, Merry Christmas is not enough
Who Stole My Christmas Santasmas
Bolton Resignation Sign of National Tragedy Cindy Sheehan Replacement

Does He Just Not Get It?

Dutch Government Move to Ban Burqas in Public
Things I am Grateful For in 2006 Sick of Rosie
Most Underreported Story of 2006 Murtha and His Kin
Tim Johnson & Brain Worms

UFO Mystery Explanation

Al Gore’s Nobel Prize Psychology in Church
Lesson of the Lovelorn Loony A Look at Nancy Pelosi
Superbowl 2007 Observations Nancy Pelosi and the Invasion of Israel
Tom Cruise Scientology’s New Christ Are Terrorists Busy in USA
British Psychic Hunt for Bin Laden

Ken Heller & Duke Lacrosse Players

The Creation Museum Spied Out Illegal Alien Demonstrations
China Poisons The Fairness Doctrine
Fairness Doctrine and Christianity Russian Propaganda – Cheney Restarted Cold War
Principal Introduces Occult Into School

Some Quotes Worth Remembering

Michael Vick and Dogfighting Oscar and Nobel Prizes
Public Education Suspension Utah Mine Disaster
Serious Thought on Bridge Collapse Responding to Global Warming
Ladybugs God Is a Righteous God
Waiting the Lord’s Return Veteran’s Day 2007

Year of the Rat – A Chinese Omen?

Turned Neal Boortz Off
Putin – Times 2007 Man of the Year Why the Heathen Rage

I am soooo Lucky!

The World’s Worst Dictators February 2008
Cutting Back on Driving Birth Pangs
Scorched Earth Israel’s Sixtieth Anniversary
Don’t Invest in Damascus Confabulations of Appeasers
President of the World Obama Is Wright
Psychic Kids

What is Happening with Russia?

The Search for Life on Mars