Europe Reaps Fruit of Its Anti-Semitism
Dr. Michael L. Ford
19 October 2006

In an article by David Meyer, a member of the
executive board of the European Jewish Information
Center in Brussels, I was reminded it was at about
this time nearly two hundred years ago the Emperor
Napoleon convened an assembly of Jewish leaders to
help him open the door of citizenship to French Jews.
The openness he promoted during the Enlightenment
certainly has not survived his reign if it ever truly
had any place in either French or European hearts to
begin with.
The past few years I have been observing the once
again increasing rise of open anti-Semitism in France
and other countries. Twenty years ago, when I was
living in Germany, there was a movement denying the
Holocaust especially prevalent among the neo-Nazi
groups, which the government usually suppressed.
Recent reports lead me to believe that in the new
combined Germany such groups are finding much more
freedom to operate than it once did. I could talk
about things happening in other nations, but you get
my point.
As Europe increased its new wave of anti-Semitism, it
opened its door to Moslems. France got many from
former colonies, but others, including Germany,
received many of its Islamic problems under guest
worker programs. Thatís the same sort of problem
politicians are trying to tell Americans they should
be accepting of. Europeís socialism created people who
would not do menial jobs, but outside of harvest
laborers, many illegals in the USA are used to depress
labor prices in such areas as construction. But the
real question we might ask ourselves about the influx
of Moslems into Europe has nothing to do with its
What I am proposing as a question is this. Could it be
possible that God is allowing the increase in Moslems,
and the attendant problems in Europe, because it
failed to learn the lessons of the various progroms it
inflicted on the Jews through history? Could the
increase we see in problems with Moslems be the curse
of God because of increasing anti-Semitism? God did
promise He would bless those who blessed the Jews and
curse those who cursed them. Could Europe be reaping
what it has sown?

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