AOL Discriminates Against Christians and Conservatives
Dr. Michael L. Ford
10 November 2005
	I have a friend, a former Special Forces officer and
retired Episcopalian priest, who operates an
information service on the Internet. About the time
for Halloween he disappeared off the net and did not
respond to personal e-mails. Were he to take a
holiday, I was sure he would have informed us of his
plans. I was concerned because many of our age are
experiencing health problems and he is particularly a
candidate for problems related to military service.
When he finally returned to the Internet he explained
that AOL had shut him down citing a complaint
supposedly received from some unnamed person. Since
he, like me, is a person who provides his services
only to subscribers, no one truly has a reason to
complain at any time. My understanding of the
situation at the time of this writing is that his
problems with AOL are not fully settled.
	Since then I have heard from another Christian fellow
who operates an information service with a
conservative readership. AOL summarily shut him down
without explanation. It took him a  great deal of
digging through the corporate maze to get an
explanation from them. Again they said there had been
complaints about his activities on the Internet. When
he pinned them down it turned out the plural
complaints were really from just one person. On that
basis they chose to disrupt the service he provides to
a great many voluntary subscribers.
	Since shut me down without so much as a
single warning destroying my address book a few years
ago, I have become very sensitive to Internet
discrimination against Christian conservatives. I am
always having problems with communications between
myself and America On Line (AOL) subscribers. And,
messages from AOL users often arrive with lots of
excess symbols garbaging the text sent to non AOL
addresses. This is done intentionally with an eye to
dominating Internet communications. AOLís owners
Time/Warner and AOL carry a lot of pornographic and
homosexual related material in its various
enterprises. It appears they have made a decision to
support perversion and discriminate even persecute
those who stand for the Spirit of a sound mind. What
will they do next after attacking these people?  

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