Minister of Education Reports

Martha Stewart




What these two have in common


            I am disturbed. I have to admit it. What I have been seeing take place in the charges made first against Bill Gates at Microsoft and then more recently against Martha Stewart are disturbing to me. And, it is disturbing to me on two counts.

            The first reason I am disturbed is because people seem to relish those people's misfortunes so much. They seem to resent that some have done extremely well in life, and because of this enjoy all the more their problems now that the fortunes they have amassed are under attack. People seem to resent that Gates might make some 40 million dollars a day, or that Martha Stewart has built a multimillion-dollar company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia around her person. Folks that type of attitude is part of the sin of covetousness. It says I would like to have what you've got and because I do not have it, I am glad when you lose some of what you have.

            Another thing that distresses me is the alacrity with which some of these prosecutors or persecutors are going after people who are not part of the insider money network. I think most of these people represent a kind of liberal socialist wealth redistribution mindset that gets brainwashed into college students while they are earning degrees in various fields. What we have seen from some of these persecutors is the attitude that I am going to get you on something. If I cannot get you criminally, I plan to get you civilly. It bothers me that if Martha wins, she cannot go after the lawyers personally who have made her life miserable and cost he company over $400, 000, 000. That would be justice.

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