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Where was God on 911         


            This question has been expressed by a number of people since the World Trade Center was so evilly brought down by the Islamic terrorists on that day. I know where my God was, but there is something I would like to ask the people who are so quick to pose the question. Where was your god on 911?

            Where was Allah? Was that his face pictured in the smoke of the burning building as it began to collapse, or was it the face of another who some have taken for their god, Satan himself? Is there really any difference between the two?

            Where was Buddha? Oh yes, Siddhartha Gautama-the Buddha was long ago dead. His actual life shrouded in mystery. His great conclusion was that life was an experience clouded by sorrow. That was scant comfort to anyone on 911.

            Where was Krishna, a god of the Hindu? Not only can the Hindu not agree who this god is, but their essential view of 911 must be that an awful lot of people got together with bad Karma to cause such an awful catastrophe to occur all at once. This will not help anyone grieving over lost loved ones from this awful act.

            You can go to all the different religions of the world and pose this question, and when you look at the philosophy behind their false beliefs you will find similar valueless offerings. The gods of the false religions held no hope on 911.

            The truth is that people come to the God of the Bible and ask the Lord Jesus Christ where He was on 911 because it is only here that a real message of hope is offered for this world and the next. The message of eternal life in the presence of a loving, caring God being freely offered to any who receives Jesus as their Savior is without comparison in all the world’s vain belief systems and this is why people ask where was God?

            He was present in the many acts of bravery, charity, and selflessness performed on that sad day and the ones that followed. He was ever there for those who mourned and allowed Him to comfort. No, He did not stop the act from happening because sin in a lost world has a tragic course to run. But He never forgot or abandoned any who would look to Him for strength and comfort.

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