Beatle Tripping


            Certainly it comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Beatles, also known as the “Fab Four,” and in some occult circles as “The Four Prophets,” their music originated oftentimes from drug-induced highs. But that was the revelation we were treated to on page L2 of the 20 June 2004 Atlanta Journal-Constitution. There is a special reason why I have saved commentary on this article till we are entering the Fall season. It has to do with the fact that at this time of the year a number of events connected with satanic activity occur. One of which is Halloween.

            Paul McCartney was the person credited with the latest, but by no means the first revelation that drugs played a large part in the Beatles life and music when they were at their height of fame, or notoriety, depending on how you looked at it. Songs like “Got to Get You Into My Life” was about pot and “Day Tripper” is about acid. I suppose then “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” is about LSD. Other music also related to drug experiences. Some Christian Counselors and many ministers have long recognized that drugs are an open door to demonic influence and activity.

            Randy Louis of the Los Angeles Times who wrote the article carried in the AJC equated motivation behind the Beatles music to being on the same level as Mick Jagger revealing his song “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” was about trying to get a faulty toaster replaced under warranty. This demonstrated how little he understood about the issue he was writing about. The word witchcraft (Galatians 5:20) comes from the Greek “pharmakeia” in the Bible. But Louis did suspect that the revelation of the influence behind their music would not rob it of any of its “magic.” In that he said it right.

            During this fall season the Satanists will deface churches, rob graves, and vandalize cemeteries among the multitude of other heinous crimes they will perform. How often these things will be done while Beatles music is being played on their boom boxes is anyone’s guess.

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