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Janet Jackson's Super Bare


            Frankly I have had a problem with the practice of having Superbowl get togethers at the church, starting and ending church early to accomadate it, and everything else that goes along with modifying church for the convenience of worldly pleasures. It seems the question comes down to whether you love God or the things in the world most. What you do when there is a conflict of time is one of the ways you show where your priorities are. My wife told me a long time ago that when I put off time with her for something else, I say that thing is more important than her. Does God feel the same way when we mess with the time set aside for worship?

            Having said that I have to admit I went to a church Super-bowl do once. I never went back because I learned that it was impossible for the commercials to be cut out. So things inap-propriate to watch actually got viewed in the house of God. Try as you might it does get in. This brings us down to the latest event in the annals of the Superbowl, the exposure of JJ's breast.

            Janet said that the exposure was due to last minute changes and was completely accidental. But the number she was perform-ing, according to reports had people simulating sexual behavior on the stage, and her partner in the number singing he was going to have all her clothes off by the time he finished. Was that all right? Actually, if you have been watching closely you should know that every one of these kind of events is a forerunner of something worse to come. The devil has been using people in that type of routine for a long time. Keep watching and you will see I am right.

            One of the big questions being asked is if the exposure was an accident. The answer is no. It was not an accident by Jackson any more than it was an accident from Satan. How do I know? Look at the evidence. The fact is that Janet Jackson had her breast adorned with a silver colored eight pointed sun, that gripped her nipple, an ancient occult symbol. In other words that breast was prepared to be shown. More to come, but maybe some will exile the Superbowl and compromise from God's house.

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