Criticisms of U.S. Being in Iraq

	While we have plenty of bleeding heart liberals set
to undermine the work of the current administration to
make Americans safe from terrorism in our own country
we are also not without enemies abroad. And those who
see the danger and would join us in defending their
own nation find they have enemies within their own
lands as well.
	One of the vocal critics of American presence in Iraq
is the Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, the Rt.
Rev Richard Lewis, who is following in lockstep behind
his sodomite endorsing Druid Archbishop of Canterbury.
No doubt the motivation of their pronouncements is
their preference for evil over good as well as the
fact having lost moral authority along with
congregations through compromising the Gospel message
this is the only way these emotional infants can get
One of the interesting things to me is a comparison of
the statements attributed to Lewis in one news article
with other accounts that made me think he might be
getting some clues from the Muslim Council of Great
Britain, who, were not England cowering in fear from
the amount of Islamics they have allowed to invade
their country, be investigated for terrorist
	You would think that the Church of England, of all
places would be a bastion of British patriotism, but
that is no more true than it is in the United States
when we start looking at liberals in clerical garb who
have their consciences seared as with a heart iron,
and are clouds without water, taking advantage of
those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. We wonder what
the men of the famed Black Watch, currently standing
bravely alongside their American cousins in Fallujah
must think of these noble men of the cloth.
	Having worked alongside British soldiers stationed
with the British Army of the Rhine from 1979 to 1986,
ate with them, gone to Church Army with them, I resent
these Bishops conduct. My British friends used to
refer to me as Top Sergeant, and I could not be that
to them if I did not protest on their behalf. They
deserve better than this from those who are supposed
to be men of God.

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