Tim Johnson & Brain Worms

Dr. Michael L. Ford

19 January 2007

            Some may have seen Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota became slurred in speech, confused in thought, and eventually collapse. Tim Johnson, age 59, suffered brain bleeding caused by cerebral arteriovenous malformation, a congenital problem causing enlarged and tangled blood vessels. Surgery reduced brain pressure and stopped bleeding. Johnson's condition was critical after surgery. Like me you may have prayed for him and his family.

            My wife’s sister has a similar condition that began to really afflict her at age 56, Her granddaughter was born with it. So we feel sympathetic. I had teased ‘Zam’ for little behavioral quirks for years, and now know parts of her brain had been starved for blood because the tangle of vessels did not go everywhere they should. During this time of crisis, for Johnson and his family, I have been irritated by the posturing of Senator Johnson’s colleagues. It reminded me of how they acted when another colleague died in a plane crash a few years ago. These people seem to have no shame.

            About the same time Senator Johnson was fighting for his life a story broke that got very little play. It seems one of the additional ‘benefits’ we reap from illegal immigration is a rare form of brain worm being imported across the border. It is now active in South Texas. I thought to write a semi-humorous piece about Congressman supporting illegal immigation being infected with the “cysticercosis,” since some of them like Speaker Pelosi are reportedly profiting from illegal immigrants. But my attention was diverted when I heard Republicans were being accused of an assassination attempt on Senator Johnson.  Right wing conspiracy claims again.

            Someone dreamed this up, but others are dumb enough to believe it. The story is, the Senator was attacked through his phone using high and low frequencies in something called “Stoner Technology” to twist his brain cells. Cysticercosis joins Morgellons disease, an infection similar to one known 300 years ago, in the list of new illnesses spreading through South Texas. Unlike the Johnson assassination story, the health risks from illegal immigration are real. You believe what you want about whether or not pro-illegal alien politicians have brain worms or not.

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