The Fifth Reason I Oppose Kerry


            The fifth reason I oppose Kerry is he is against issues that are Christian and he is devoid of spiritual knowledge and discernment. Quite apart from Kerry’s reversal of John 3:16, supposedly his favorite Scripture, calling it John 6:13, there is a whole body of evidence that he is not only without the two qualities of knowledge and discernment, he is positively antagonistic to Christianity. We have but to look at his comments when he was viewing Reagan’s body in California. Apart from his other uncouth comments about going to confirm the demise of Reagan he also said, “Next, we must reclaim our country from the churchgoers, the middle America folks, and the uneducated conservative masses.” This is not the man I want to sit in the most powerful position in the United States.

            My complaint with Kerry is not because he criticizes Bush for talking about God too much, though I do not think there is anything better to talk about. My opposition to him is because he actively works against things I would consider positions that are fundamentally where any Christian must stand. Recently I read a Catholic indictment of points where he deviated from moral positions they had taken. Though I do not identify with much in Catholic doctrine, I found myself in agreement with their moral and ethical positions which Senator Kerry, one of their own, was contrary to.

            In an article written in 1996 for the homosexual magazine The Advocate, Senator Kerry claimed to know sodomites who served honorably in Vietnam. To my knowledge no one has emerged to admit he was involved in such activity among his acquaintances, nor did he explain why he did not do his duty as a naval officer in exposing such behavior. He also claimed to author a gay and lesbian civil rights bill in 1985 when he was a freshman senator. I have to oppose him on the basis of those words alone because of what the Bible teaches concerning such activity.

            Same sex marriage is an issue he has lied about recently. On August 5, 2004, he told a group of supporters in Kansas City that he would have voted for Missouri’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He claimed that he had supported the Massachusetts amendment a few years earlier, when in fact he had joined with Congressmen Edward Markey and Barney Frank in opposing it in a letter dated 12 July 2002. The Bible puts a high value on truth telling and unfortunately Senator Kerry seems to believe that what is truth is what is convenient for him at the moment. Albert Mohler, of the Southern Baptist Convention, labeled Kerry’s presidential same sex marriage position “a moving target.”

            The Senator is the darling of the anti-God Hollywood elte who embrace activities contrary to God’s Word. Reading a list of his Hollywood contributors I found many who either live in fornication relationships or have been connected with the drug culture. We have to ask ourselves what these people see in John Kerry if not a kindred spirit? The pornographic productions of Hollywood must be okay with him as evidenced when one of his daughters was reported to be wearing a see through dress at the Cannes Film Festival. She is no doubt a product of the environment that raised her.

            This brings me to another reason for opposing John Kerry. It is the label most often see placed upon Christians, that of being a hypocrite. I have already written some information that indicates he qualifies as one, but I want to take note of one more. Mr. Kerry has criticized his opponent for the contributions of a certain wealthy supporter, disregarding the fact that he is doing the same thing in the person of a man named Soros. The reason this man is supporting Kerry is because he wants some immoral things like drugs made legal. As a Christian I have to oppose Kerry’s hypocrisy and the evil his major contributor favors.

            Another place where I have to break with Kerry is with his opposition to the Boy Scouts standing firm on their standards, and along with that his insistence on judges who support the ACLU’s anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-family agenda. I could not overlook his positions on such things and have hope of bowing before God and expecting He would hear my prayers.

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