Ford Stop Supporting Homosexual Agenda
Dr. Michael Ford
13 August 2006

When the American Family Association, among others,
asked subscribers to contact Ford dealerships and let
them know they did not approve Ford’s usage of
corporate funds I was happy to participate. As a
matter of fact I informed them I would soon be buying
a new truck and it would not be a Ford. This is the
absolute truth because I have recently lost my work
truck, a Ford Ranger, and my transportation truck, a
Sonoma. I was telling the people the truth. But one
dealership manager apparently was not concerned with
possible loss of my business. He huffily informed me I
was wasting my time communicating with him. He said he
had no influence with Ford Motor Corporation. Well,
maybe his sales are so bad he does not. But I
understand 78 dealers think they have influence
because they have asked Ford to stop supporting the
homosexual agenda.

One night I was sitting with my wife watching Bill
Ford promoting the Ford line of vehicles. I remarked
to her Ford sales has been consistently dropping since
the public became aware of what they were doing with
their income. She told me Mr. Ford looked rather
delicate for a robust type of man and wondered if the
policy might exist because he was a homosexual? I
answered that I do not know anything about the man,
but that line of Fords, beginning with Henry has
always seemed to me a bit socially dysfunctional. So
who knows? Clearly, they have either no knowledge or
concern for God’s opinion of the perversion.
Ford sales have consistently dropped since AFA began
the boycott. The drop in March was 5%, April 7%, May
2%, June 6.8%, and July 4.1%. 

We were informed awhile back Ford was ceasing
advertising in homosexual publications. But,
apparently they went back on that promise to support
“unisex marriage” in two sodomite publications: The
Advocate and OUT. Also, Ford is listed by Parents,
Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (known as
PFLAG) as being a "Topaz" sponsor. I don’t know how
much it costs to have that status, but any money given
to perversion would be too much. I read a disclaimer
declaring Ford said they had never agreed to stop
advertising with perverts, but Christian action groups
are not in the habit of informing their readers
everything is alright without a good basis. So
somebody lied awhile back and faced with a choice
between who I believe, the American Family Association
or Ford corporate, I am quicker to trust the AFA.

Some companies try to straddle the fence in many of
their actions. For instance, most big companies give
to both political parties, bestowing just a bit more
on the group they most agree with. Ford has seemingly
made a clear decision on the side of homosexuality.
They were approached by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays
(PFOX), an organization helping homosexuals come out
of the homosexual lifestyle for a grant. Ford refused
them. The AFA reports they have not given any support
to any organization working with former homosexuals.
Ford claims a commitment to diversity, which evidently
includes only pro-homosexual organizations.

It seems sort of sterile to speak about Ford’s support
for homosexual magazines. I had read about their
content which reported both pictorial content to be
offensive and article titles to be unfit for
repetition in polite company. But in fairness I
decided to research them a bit on the Internet. My
opinion was I did not want to dig any deeper than a
peripheral survey. That was enough.  The Detroit Free
Press, bought by Gannett in August 2005, reports Ford
"donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to
homosexual groups, sponsors gay pride parades, and
holds mandatory diversity training..." Several years
ago a preacher friend showed me some video taken at a
“Gay Pride parade” and it was positively obscene. I am
shocked Ford would support such things, but the video
I was shown back then had a Congresswoman riding in
the parade, which shows some people have no shame.

Doesn’t Ford Motor Company have the right to put its
corporate profits where it wants to? The easy answer
is yes, and Christians have the right to not
contribute to their profits. But the answer is not
quite that simple. You see, many financial consultants
believe Ford is headed for bankruptcy, and the
decision to support homosexuals is hastening the
process. What about Ford’s responsibility to its
employees and their families past and present? Over 20
pro-family groups have called for a boycott of Ford
and their sales have continued to fall. But we
understand Ford is working to hire more homosexuals.
Perhaps they think that market can keep them solvent.
I, for one, doubt it. <”>< 

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