Minister of Education Report


Why Support What We Donít Support?


            Recently I received an alarmist letter about Hillary Clinton. It said that in one of her last official acts as First Lady she hosted a private screening of the sodomite propaganda film ďThatís a Family! ď Apart from the fact that I am unsure that a First Lady really does have official acts, since she is not elected and has no official standing, another concern bothers me greatly.

            The thing that troubles me is the attitude of Christian people who will condemn anti-Christian people like Hillary Clinton, but will continue to vote for her and people like her. Not only that, they continue memberships in organizations that support their causes like the National Education Association (NEA) and Public Broadcasting (PBS).

            Christians have abandoned the field of battle against evil in high places to the ungodly. First this was done through careless-

ness, but in more recent times ungodly behavior in government and evil acts of government have been allowed to go on because of intimidation. The waning presence of Christian influence has been going on for so long that I seriously doubt that we will ever get back what we have lost in the United States of America.

            In the Southern United States, voting, an act of citizenship, is often conditioned by an act of party loyalty learned as a child. People vote because of decisions great grandparents made as a result of the Civil War. They vote a certain way without knowing why, and giving no thought to the consequences of their acts. This loyalty has no relationship to what the party is actually doing today. We need to get to the point where how people perform is measured by the Word of God. If the politician or institution does not measure up to that standard they do not deserve our support.

            Believers often question why the world treats them with such contempt, when the true Christianity has a record of good? Where Christianity goes, manís lot in this world has improved. The reason is that the modern Christian does not demonstrate what he say he believes by the stands he takes in the world.

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