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Would I Boycott MTV


            Some of my friends have sent me this question. I think I know where the movement began to start a boycott on MTV, but since I am not absolutely sure I am not going to chance being wrong. It would seem like a pretty good idea, but I am sorry I cannot help you out with the boycott for the simple reason I have been boycotting MTV and VH1, and all those video channels ever since I found out they were in existence. But I have a question? Who are the Bible believing Christians striving to live a life that honors the Lord that has been watching MTV with a clear conscience anyway?

            Don't get me wrong. If you can find enough genuine Christians to launch a boycott within the churches, I wish the project all the success in the world. For one thing such a successful boycott should help to improve the spiritual life of the churches where these boycotters are to be found. Getting people free from the immorality, lewdity, and so forth that we have been told for some years these channels display will improve life within not only the church but families as well.

            There are two reasons that I think the boycott will have problems being successful though, and I want to share them with you:

1. We learned from the attempt to boycott Disney that Christian people do not seem to any longer have a commitment to doing what is right if it interferes with what they consider to be their pleasure.

2. MTV is aimed primarily at young people. It gets them before they turn into teens and holds them into their thirties according to what I have read on the subject. That is why a boycott will fail. Parents as a group seem afraid these days to keep their children subject to them.And, probably some child raised to be a brat will sue their parents and some liberal judge will tell the adults that they cannot traumatize the kid by denying it MTV.

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