Castro Cuts Reagan
7 June 2004

	Newsmax has reported that Radio Reloi, which speaks
the mind of the Dictator, apparently for life, has
reported the death of former President Reagan. Their
report included the words “He, who should never have
been born, has died.” This displays the character of
the mind of Fidel Castro as well as the type of moral
ethics that is engendered in the souls of people who
give themselves to communism.
	Under Reagan, the island of Granada was invaded in
1983 because its relationship with Castro made it
necessary to rescue nearly a thousand American medical
students enrolled there. The conflict involved the
U.S. and it's Central American and Caribbean allies on
one side and Fidel Castro's Cuba, the Sandinista
government of Nicaragua and various Marxist guerrilla
armies on the other. The Marxist government of Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop was allowing Cuba to gain
undue influence in Grenada, specifically by
constructing a military-grade airport with Cuban
military engineers. The Bishop government was
overthrown by Bernard Coard, who seized power in a
bloody coup. The severity of the violence, coupled
with Coard's own hard-line Marxism, caused deep
concern among neighboring Caribbean nations, as well
as in Washington, D.C.
	Two days before Operation Urgent Fury began,
terrorists bombed the Marine Barracks in Lebanon. This
gave the military as much desire to take and free the
island from communism as it helped ensure the
government would not turn back. This was the first
time since before WWII that an avowed
Communist/Marxist government was replaced with a
pro-Western one. It provided Americans a much needed
victory and gave Fidel Castro a black eye that he took
very personally.
	Since then, sometimes through the help of covert
activities a number of such governments have changed.
But the big story has seldom been told. At the time of
the invasion of Granada, Cuba was home to more than
5,000 Soviets operating the largest intelligence
gathering network outside the Soviet Union. The Cuban
military had more than a billion dollars in new
equipment including some 200 Mig fighter aircraft.
Cuban agents were training and equipping communist
cadres in Nicaragua and El Salvador. It was clear Cuba
was moving to threaten all of South America and
interdict the sea lanes of the Caribbean, which at the
time saw more than half the oil used by the United
States pass within a few miles of the island of
	The bottom line according to J.W. Middendorf, a
former secretary of the Navy and ambassador to the
Organization of American States was: “Our action
stemmed the tide of Soviet incursions in the
hemisphere. That, at least, was the assessment of a
former Soviet general I met at a Heritage Foundation
board meeting in Moscow in the early 1990s. The
Soviets, he told me, thought they had found in the
Caribbean the "soft underbelly" of the United States.
But Ronald Reagan gave them a big surprise in Granada,
and that, in the general's opinion, marked the turning
point of the Cold War.”
	It is my belief that this action kept Fidel Castro
from realizing his true lifelong ambition. That
ambition was to rule a South American empire that the
United States would have to at least pay attention to
every time it wanted to act. Castro and his communist
brethren greatly misjudged the “cowboy/actor” turned
politician, who had the true heartbeat of America. It
must aggravate Castro greatly that he will never have
an opportunity for revenge upon the Gipper.

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