Anti-Christian Persecution – Sudan
Dr. Michael L. Ford
1 September 2006

	You need to face it: Christian persecution is going
on around the world. The persecution of believers in
the last hundred years was greater than all the
previous nineteen hundred before it, and it is on the
rise. And usually, Christian persecution is not being
reported in the mainstream media. One of the places of
underreported persecution is the Sudan. Sudanese
believers are suffering for the Lord Jesus Christ.
They are strong Christians. They have to be in order
to stand what they have been called upon to endure.
Sudan, the largest country in Africa is home to some
30 million people, and was about 60 percent Christian.
But Muslims, who reside in northern Sudan, hold the
governmental power.
	The southern half of Sudan has about 15 million
Christians. It is rich in oil, minerals and fertile
farmland. The government wants to Islamize the whole
country. They want the land and the oil in the south,
but not the people. Over the past twenty years, more
than 2.5 million people have been killed in the
conflict and over 8 million, most of them children,
have been displaced. Many have been enslaved.
	In typical Islamic fashion, a peace pact was signed
between Christians and Moslems in 2002, but the
government only used this as a smokescreen to continue
to terrorize Christians. Like in Somalia efforts to
bring relief to the persecuted in the forms of food
and medicines often winds up in the wrong hands. Some
young males managed to escape the country and
persecution after being separated or orphaned from
their families. These are called “lost boys.” But
those who have managed to get away are in the
minority. Most young females have no chance whatever.
Many, boys and girls alike wind up slaves of Moslems.
Some are tortured and murdered.
	In the Sudan you have a religious/racist struggle
because the “Arab” government wants to eliminate the
African population. Letters of protest to Sudan
officials and ambassadors have done no good, and the
U.S. government has a very long history of turning a
blind eye to the suffering of Christians in the Sudan
and around the world. Persecution is spreading because
it is allowed to. <”><

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