Mel Gibson – In Vino Veritas
Dr. Michael L. Ford
2 August 2006

	Mel Gibson has been accused of anti-Semitism because
of his drunk driving arrest statements made just the
other day. It is not the first time he has been
accused of prejudice against the Jewish people. When
he produced the “Passion of the Christ” he was accused
of the same thing. The movie, while it did not appear
anti-Jewish to me, was a production that emphasized
Catholic myth over fact and it put a spotlight on
Gibson that revealed Gibson’s father to be a Holocaust
denier. Was there ever any real allusion the apple
fell far from the tree?
	That Mel has had a drink problem is not a new
revelation to those who keep up with the Hollywood
crowd. It is a common affliction among them as well as
among Catholics who do not have the strong social
taboo for drink common among Baptists. Another thing
that is common in Roman Catholicism is a strong
anti-Jewish bias. During the crusades Jews were
massacred wholesale, and who can forget the
Inquisition? The Spanish form was particularly rough
on those of Jewish descent. It is still remembered
every time a Pope makes gestures toward Jerusalem.
	Was Mel Gibson sincere in his apology for his drunken
words? As far as offending a portion of the people who
contribute to his income is concerned I believe he was
absolutely sincere. So far as his drunken utterance is
concerned, I also think he expressed “in his cups”
deeply held conviction common to too many. I am not
excusing things. I am trying to explain them.
      Forgiven by the Catholic League, to nobody’s
surprise, he finds no rest from the Anti-Defamation
League and Hollywood power brokers. Why are these two
united in condemning Mel? It is more than just the
fact these two are both on the political left, and
Gibson is perceived to be on the right. It is more
than the fact people on the left scarce need to
apologize for anything and those on the right can
never ask forgiveness enough. Gibson has done
unforgivable things like go against Hollywood wisdom
about movies people want and make big money at it.
That must be revenged. Similarly, Abraham Foxman,
ADL’s Director is still upset about failing in his
attack on the Passion movie. Shame all!

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