Dr. Michael L. Ford

December 2006


            Probably every Christian who does any studying knows the origins of Christmas and the way it has been celebrated for the better part of the twentieth century. Having said that, all the people who are aware of what is going on today knows there is a movement to remove any reverence for the season as a time for commemorating the entrance of the Savior of the world.

            A lot of people have opposed Christmas as a holiday for a variety of reasons. I understand Theodore Roosevelt, as a conservationist, banned Christmas trees in his home, even when he lived in the White House. (His children liked trees.) Today, the raising of trees for the celebration of Christmas is the livelihood of quite a few farmers and an industry of recycling has grown up around reusing Christmas trees for mulching. A lot of people are impacted by Christmas for a great many reasons.

            There are many who oppose a Christmas, with Christ Jesus as the central figure, though they are not opposed to the holiday, just as long as it is not a holy day. Of course we cannot overlook the ACLU as one of those who feel that way. And, they are a heavy influencer of the way the large stores are acting in their advertising and promotions. But we cannot give them complete credit for all the negativity that is going on.

            Frankly, all this turning of Christmas into Santamas has turned me into a Scrooge. For me the joy of giving to those I love at this season has been primarily due to the pleasure of thinking of the love of God revealed to man in coming into the world in perfect identity with His creation. I give gifts to people all through the year because I love them. I do not need a special time to do that. So by stealing the joy of the season from me the God-haters have destroyed my reason for the season. I donít get happy and generous over a myth called Santa. And I think a lot of people are now doing gift giving more out of habit than real joy in Christmas.

            I am making a prediction. If the world lasts long enough we will see the new program of Santamas die a slow death. Even worldly people will not long enjoy a time of conspicuous consumption built around a jolly fat man.

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