More on the Canadian Insanity
June 2004
	I have been reading regularly about the Canadian
hijinks, what is going on in government and what is
happening in the Anglican Church up there. I have
decided that both of them are insane. Perhaps it is
caused by so much speaking of the French language, I
don’t know. But some things I am sure of are that the
devils are having a field day up there, Satan is
thrilled, and the folly is headed our way. 
	One of the most recent events that have occurred is
when the Canadian General Synod said they were going
to have a dialogue on homosexuality but that would not
include ex-gays. They do not want to hear from them
because that does not fit the agenda that they have
embarked on.
	Peter Ould wrote “Since when did the voice of people
like myself Mario Bergner and thousands of others who
have found God's healing and restoration from
homosexual attraction not count? Is it because
inclusivism is only allowed when it fits a particular
political agenda?”   I think his conclusion is
absolutely correct.
	Jeffrey Satinover wrote a book "Homosexuality and the
Politics of Truth." In this he shows how the
discussion has been subverted in order to support the
agenda of making same sex activity publicly supported.
He begins with when the APA vote in 1973 that changed
the official psychological understanding of the
perversion. Ould observed “In the 30 years since then
no evidence has emerged that there is a substantive
biological, genetic or chemical basis to homosexual
attraction. This has not stopped the gay lobby
promulgating both the fallacious "One in Ten"
assertion and equally the notion that you are "Born
Gay" (a notion for which there is no scientific
evidence to this day).”
	The Anglican Church and the government that runs
Canada are introducing a depraved hell on earth at a
rapid pace. What concerns me apart from the sorrow
over anywhere that sin abounds is that their insanity
is heading this way. God help us all.	

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