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Kerry at Rally with Hanoi Jane

This has been called the photo the Democrats fear most.  It seems to show John Kerry at the Labor Day 1970 weekend protest of the Vietnam War with anti-American actress Hanoi Jane Fonda. Kerry was then a rising star in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. According to Corbis Images, who owns the picture, Kerry is the person sitting three rows back in this picture. Douglas Brinkley's biography, Tour of Duty identifies this rally as the one that catapulted Kerry into leadership of the VVAW "by default."


Kerry traveled with Fonda to Detroit to organize a January 1971 event called The Winter Soldier Investigation. "Jug" Burkett chronicles some of Kerry's misadventures in his book called "Stolen Valor." He said that some of the people who testified at this "hearing" later turned out to be complete imposters. Almost any Vietnam Veteran who knows what Kerry did after he came home definitely is not a fan of Kerry.


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