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         United Nations Commission - On Human Rights



            I received a very disturbing piece of information in my e-mail. It was difficult to confirm that this was the case, but I unearthed enough information to believe that the report is valid. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) will meet in Geneva, Switzerland for its 60th annual session, from 15 March to 23 April 2004. Due to come up is an issue raised at the 59th session in Brazil last year.

            What is coming up is a movement to proclaim a non-discrimination measure for homosexuals. In the resolution the term “sexual orientation” is not defined, and United Nations documents do not currently limit sexual rights by age, gender, or marriage. If this resolution were passed it would be difficult to restrict what the rights are of homosexuals and lesbians. Pedophiles could actually claim a sexual orientation toward children as having been legitimized by such a resolution. Right now the age of consent is as low as 12 in some nations and there are people, even in the United States, who are actually working to get this age lowered.

            The consequences of this resolution would have a chilling effect on religious freedom. Courts in various countries have already challenged and threatened freedom of religion when presented with dubious new rights. “Sexual orientation” as a new international human right would immediately clash with established rights of freedom of religion.

            This resolution almost slipped through in 2003, with Canada continuing its recent insanity as one of the cosponsors. What saved the day was the opposition of 15 of the world’s developing nations, who have not yet lost their common sense. One rumor says that the day this resolution will again come up for a vote is April 1st, which somehow seems appropriate. It seems appropriate that a resolution that will open the door to brazen pedophilia and even bestiality should occur on April Fool Day. 

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