Yasser Arafat


That Old Terrorist


4 April 2004


            For the last two years Yasser Arafat has been holed up in Ramallah. It was not that he was not free to leave, but if he left the Israeli government was not going to let him come back. Last September Israelís leaders said Arafat should be removed, but he has managed to continue to survive because of the intercession of the United States. The truth is that it would have been in Israelís best interest to have removed him years ago. And, it is my belief that one attempt was made against an aircraft he was flying in on the southern border of Libya years ago.

                The truth is that Arafat has been conspiring in attacks against Israel for years. There is absolutely no doubt of that. In the process of working his evil he has probably caused the deaths of more Palestinians than he has Jews. Killing Yasser Arafat would be a greater service to the Palestinian people than it even would be to the people of Israel. The U.S. haText Box:


s done a disservice to both the Palestinians and the Jews in protecting Arafat. One proof of this is the fact that the Russians agree with the U.S. position.


            The Russians, during the Soviet days and presently, are never slow to kill terrorists and dissenters in their own territory. They have a long history of persecuting Jews residing within the land of Russia which is one of the reasons there was such a tremendous number that emigrated out of that country when they got the opportunity. Their interest in being critical of Israelís response to terrorists like Arafat lies in the long relationship they have had with Islamic nations and their desire to secure warm water ports in that region of the world.

            The truth is that now Arafat is an old terrorist whose power has been challenged by new murderers for some time. For him, being eventually assassinated by Israel is a way to try to secure a more favorable place in history, but not if the truth is told though.

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