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Abortionist Who Didn't Call 911

After Botched Abortion


            In December 2000, Joel Novendstern performed an abortion on a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant. He believed he perforated the woman's uterus, according to State records. But he sent her to the recovery room of the facility, where she complained of significant pain and the nurse said she was bleeding excessively. A sonogram confirmed the perforation, so she should have been transported to a local hospital for emergency surgery.

            Novendstern did not call an ambulance. Why? Maybe to avoid the publicity of having one come to his facility after a botched abortion. It certainly is not the first time abortionists have been willing to risk the patient's life to cover up a mistake. She went by car to Jacobi Medical Center without any medical assistance. The nurse at the aboratorium even removed life assisting IV fluids that correct medical procedure would dictate being maintained before she left their facility. By the time she got to the hospital she was going into shock.

            I do not bemoan the emergency hysterectomy the doctors performed to save this woman's life. It will at least keep her from killing any more babies. What I find so awful is the slap on the wrist this supposed doctor received for his callous behavior. The New York state medical review board revoked the medical license  for six months and permanently limited him to practicing medicine only in a hospital setting. This degree of penalty would not have occurred had it not been for complaints about their choice of lesser penalty.

            Lori Kehoe, director of New York Right to Life, put it like this the slap on the wrist is in insult to a woman who could have died thanks to Novendstern's incompetence. If the ARB (The Administrative Review Board for Professional Medical Conduct)  is concerned that the abortionist is a butcher whose messes may need immediate mending by qualified hospital personnel with hospital medical equipment, as I am, a much more severe penalty is needed. He should lose his medical license permanently.

            I have previously told my readers about the liberal New York attitudes that destroy the genuine quality of life for all that it touches.

Let me tell you that Novendstern's attorney Jeffrey Ruggiero said the decision would likely be appealed in civil courts, where even the slap on the wrist will be set aside. He most recently was admitted to practice at Lincoln Hospital in Bronx, New York. They need prayer.

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