Nancy Pelosi and the Invasion of Israel


            One of the fascinating areas of Eschatology is untangling the meaning of a curious verse of Scripture connected with events beginning with the rebirth of Israel. That is the passage that says:

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.”                                                           Jeremiah 31:22

It took me awhile to work out the fact the noncommittal manner of the expression meant some women who were part of this prophetic fulfillment were “good” and some were evil. For instance I would classify Golda Meir as good, but Nancy Pelosi…

            It was already a given that Pelosi is a player in the formulation of a New World Order, by working for an Economic Union of the Americas, but recent events indicate she may play an important role in helping bring about the alliance spoken of in Ezekiel 38 that comes against Israel. Togarmah spoken of in verse six is Turkey. And she has joined the move to make the final separation of Turkey from the West.

            The European Union has withheld allowing Turkey to join it until it acknowledged responsibility for the Armenian genocide of 1915. I do not blame them for not doing this since the Republic of Turkey did not exist till 1923. Now the new Speaker of the House has decided to bring a resolution declaring the events of 1915 genocide. In so doing she is once again working against the best interests of the USA just as she has done on Iraq issues.

            In 1915, the Armenians were allied with Russia against the Ottoman Empire, whose capital was in present day Turkey. Granted Turkey is not at ease with either Armenians or Kurds today, but this does not mean they have any responsibility for things that happened before they existed. But the EU and people like Pelosi seem determined to drive the Turkish people into the arms of Islamic radicals and Russia as new alliances are formed.

            Forces working to undermine secular Turkey were at work when I lived there in the early 70’s. Anti-Americanism is resurging in Turkey undermining our long investment there thanks to Pelosi and her kindred spirits. The democratic institutions in Turkey are in danger as people like her work to alienate the Turks from the West. They are serving to bring on events sooner than later.

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