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The Issue Surrounding the Word of God


            We are told in the Scripture that we “should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 3) The problem is that most Christians have bought into the argument that standing for something, and standing against error, is somehow disgraceful or unbecoming. We should face two questions that have to be answered if we feel this way. One is how can doing anything the Scripture tells us to do be disgraceful or unbecoming? The second question is, if we are being encouraged to feel or act in a manner contrary to what the word teaches, who is the ultimate source of the idea? Could it be Satan?

            If we must struggle or contend for the faith it follows that our faith is under attack. We are never amazed that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ would be under attack from those who are not Christians. That believers have experienced the persecution of governments and individuals all down through history is a fact those who dwell at ease take for granted. They do not get excited about persecution until it begins again where they are. But most people today go on blissfully unaware there is a long time history of attack on the true faith in Jesus Christ that has come from within what we commonly call Christendom.

            Actually attacks on faith in the true God began during the time of the law before our Lord appeared. A group operating out of Alexandria, Egypt (sometimes referred to as the Alexandrian cult) was busily trying to corrupt the true word of God by Grecizing it. They were going to change God’s word to make it acceptable to the lost and consistent with the vain philosophies of men.

            When the Lord came this group continued its attacks on the truth focusing then on the Christian faith. Out of this organization many of the   spurious versions of scripture now being used to write the so-called modern translation bibles originated. They were also the source of many of the heretical philosophies that first arose in the early days of Christianity.

            Another source of attack on the true Scripture has been the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman church actively sought to suppress the Greek Vulgate Bible in favor of their Latin Vulgate version of the Bible in order to consolidate power in themselves. But it was the Greek    Vulgate that preserved the true text of the  Word of God. And it is that family of manuscripts that undergird our King James Bible. Interestingly, the primary texts causing so much confusion today came from the Catholic Church.

            Some people say why get involved in the debate over versions since it is promised God’s Word will ultimately prevail? But answer this. What happens to the true faith if it is perverted where you live?

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