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The Ungrateful French




France has become a pagan country with more people practicing witchcraft, occultic, and Islamic beliefs than Christianity. Their revenue with Iraq has been 1.5 billion U.S. dollars annually, some of which has been derived through the transshipping and sale of components of weapons of mass destruction. The following information was sent to me from one of my information sources:


According  to the American Battle Monuments Commission there are 26,255 American dead from World War I buried in 4 cemeteries in France. There are 30,426 American dead from World War II buried in 6 cemeteries in France.


These 56,681 brave American heroes paid the supreme sacrifice and died in their youth to liberate a country which is guilty of shameful, unspeakable behavior in the 21st century.


May the United States of America never forget their sacrifice as we find ways to forcefully deal with the Godforsaken, unappreciative, forgetful country of France!


We should also note that we pay millions of dollars on RENT for these cemeteries, plus the cost of maintenance.  Let us remove them (our military dead) and give the land back to the ungrateful French!! 

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