Will the World Council of Churches 
Condemn American Evictions
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 June 2005
               An article reported that The World Council of Churches (WCC) had condemned the Zimbabwe government's program
 of house demolitions and mass forced evictions that left hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans homeless. When I read this I
wondered if this liberal religious organization would condemn the decision of the Supreme Court? There activities in the past, which
 have been decidedly anti-American leads me to believe they would not.
               The WCC helped to put the communist thug Mugabe into power. Along with the end of freedom such as fair elections we
 now see attacks on Christian churches in that country. In the United States the ability to control appointments to the Supreme Court
 is indirect through elected officials. Putting the wrong people into elected office has resulted in a corrupt court that now threatens 
property rights. Will we become another Zimbabwe because we have trusted the wrong people to safeguard our Constitution and
 by extension our freedoms?
               The WCC said of the Zimbabwe government: "To carry out such acts of cruelty with impunity against her own people 
shows clearly that the government is losing the moral and ethical ground for leadership, healing and reconciliation," The same thing
 could be said about the American situation since the Supreme Court of the United States has started favoring socialist and communist
 positions and altering the clear intent of the U.S. Constitution. At least five members of the current Supreme Court are of the nation
 founded on the North American continent without a doubt.

In Zimbabwe where hundreds of thousands of persons have had their homes destroyed and have become displaced persons within their own country, since the recent Supreme Court decision what is to keep that from happening here? It is now possible for a local government to seize private property, even church property in order to speculate on making it yield taxes. If something does not happen we could change our name to Zimbabwe West. As thing now stands we are no longer the land of the free. Do I think the WCC will protest for America? No!

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