Muhammad Ali and George W. Bush
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 November 2005
President Bush has been doing his best to step all
over the good opinion I formed about him in his first
term of office. One of the recent fiascos was when he
honored the boxer, Muhammad Ali, formerly known as
Cassius Clay and 13 others with the Presidential Medal
of Freedom, called "the nation's highest civilian
award," on November 9th. The president praised Ali for
his sports accomplishments and called him "The
Greatest of All Time." The President in his ongoing
confusion over followers of Islam also called him ďa
man of peace.Ē
Bush also did not mention Ali's very public opposition
to the Vietnam War, which led the prizefighter to lose
his boxing license for three years when he refused to
serve in the Army. His refusal to fight was not
because he was "a man of peace" but rather because his
allegiance was to the stridently anti-American,
anti-white organization known as the Nation of Islam,
headed by the malignant minded Elijah Muhammad.
	Forty years ago, evaded the draft saying: "War is
against the teachings of the Holy Koran. I'm not
trying to dodge the draft. We are supposed to take
part in no wars unless declared by Allah or The
Messenger [i.e., Elijah Muhammad]. We don't take part
in Christian wars or wars of any unbelievers." When
the President gave a draft evader the Medal of
Freedom, which was created in 1945 to recognize
"notable service" in World War II, he made it unfit
for presentation to any loyal American who loves this
country. He diminished its significance for every
American who has ever received it. (I kept up with his
actions back when he first embraced Islam and realized
that in practice Ali was a fake then as he is now.)
	During the ceremony Ali, who has Parkinsonís disease
did the crazy twirl with his fingers at his head
toward the President. For once I agreed with Ali. The
President had to be crazy to give that traitor the
Medal of Freedom. Two hundred people in the room saw
the gesture and nervously laughed. It is strange to me
that the President would be willing to give this man
the medal. Apparently he had a staff as well personal
judgment failure, that is, unless they are
intentionally trying to make him look stupid.

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