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The Spirit of Female Goddess Worship


            When Princess Diana died it was amazing to watch the numbers of mourners who turned out. People who had never known this woman in life came and placed flowers. They were seen holding their faces while weeping and wailing for a person they had never known, but only known about. It seems that the Princess Diana, in spite of her adulteries and obviously confused spirit had reached a status where she was actually referred to by some as a kind of goddess. But then the first false goddess after the flood, Ashtarte or Semiramis, was an adulteress as well.

            The woman called Mother Teresa reached so high a state of regard that she was spoken of approvingly in even Baptist churches because of her work among the hurting in India. As far as I know she was never a mother in sharp contrast to the first false goddess, but she had been interested in seeing the Virgin Mary elevated in Roman Catholic theology to the status of Co-redemptrix and Co-mediatrix, where she would share the glory that rightly belongs only to the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is why the Pope sought to speed up the process of elevating her to sainthood in the Catholic church. He also shared in this desire.

            Corrie ten Boom was also idolized during her lifetime. She was welcomed by believers in all sorts of denominations as well as by people of note in society and politics. Her grandmotherly appearance seemed to attract even those lacking in any spirituality whatever. She capitalized on this popularity, probably for good, but use it she did.

            We have to ask ourselves a question as we see these women and others rise to a status where they are adored by so many. What is the need in people that makes it possible for these persons to have such influence? I think it is more than just the need for people to have someone to believe in. Each of these people was admired by good many to the point of idolatry. Could it be the same reason pagans often worship an earth mother goddess?

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