False Pedophilia Charges


            Today a friend called me with information about what a certain prosecutor was supposed to have said about a man charged with pedophilia.  According to him the lawyer had said they were not concerned with the guilt or innocence of the one charged with pedophilia. They were going ahead with the case. I did not see the report myself but I believe it may be true because of what I have seen going on in the courts over the past two decades.

            When I was a policeman I became sensitized to the fact of child abuse and molestation. There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of pedophilia is going on in this country. I nearly became a victim myself fifty years ago, but the man’s mother (yes I said man) caught him before he had gotten too far. While working as a correctional officer I became aware some men wind up in prison or on watch lists for molesters whose only crime was running afoul of a vindictive wife. One young man I remember quite well would begin crying in the night. Sometimes he was so distraught I would move him to isolation to keep down protests from other inmates. He was imprisoned for molesting his two beautiful baby daughters; charged by his wife who took his substance to share with her lover.

            Many people do not realize that the rules of evidence in cases of molestation charges are different than in other cases. The safeguards of the rights of the accused we accept as part of our judicial system are thrown out the window when it comes to pedophilia. The attitude is that it is better that innocent people go to prison than that any child molester escapes. A lot of innocent people either go to jail or are put on everlasting molester lists. And no one seems to care.

            My observation is that prosecutors are not only aware of the situation, but some actually use it to build up criminal prosecution records than can brag about. The easiest targets are people that are unable to afford competent counsel. Most public defenders these days are far too chummy with the district attorneys in whose jurisdiction they are dependent for their income. This injustice must come to an end.

            The simple truth is that a natural father is more unlikely to be a molester of his own children that either a stepfather or some other family member or close friend. (From this I except people in polygamy cults and such like who often practice incest.) But not a few dads have found themselves charged with molestation as part of a divorce action. No one seems to observe that the person accusing the man might have an agenda other than what they are claiming, but this is only one area of the problem.

            One thing that happens is a child accuses a person outside the family circle. Sometimes this happens because someone close to the child has actually molested the child and the child wants to tell. Some sort of threat usually accompanies molestation, but the child needs to tell what happened. So they speak about the molestation, but because they do not want a big disruption in their homes they say someone outside the family circle did it. A child does not realize what this does to the person who is not close to them. This happened to a man I know. He was charged even though it was admitted he was never was out of the room the child’s grandmother was sitting in!

            One last way that people get falsely accused I will give you in this report. They get accused through the use of “induced memory.” Mental health practitioners have made children into victims. It is easy to even do this to adults who are emotionally upset and children are highly suggestible as well as eager to please. This has happened in several famous cases. And, we have seen that prosecutors were reluctant to undo the evil they had done even when they were exposed in the media. One person who was turned loose after the facts had public exposure and outcry was rearrested and sent back to prison. It happened as soon as the people who were supposed to be upholding the law thought that the interest had died down. One woman we believe was accused of molestation was finally harassed to the point she committed suicide. Pedophilia destroys the lives of the innocent and not all of them are children. The shame is that the law that is supposed to protect is what is doing some of the destruction.


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