New Promotion of NIV

June 2004

            Lately on the radio I have been picking up on a new promotion for an old “modern” version of the Bible, the New International Version. People who own previous editions of the NIV have a problem reading along with each other, let alone with someone reading a real Bible like the King James. The reason is that the NIV has been changed even between editions. So, while it might say NIV on the outside it does not uniformly read the same on the inside. Oh well, they are not real Bibles anyway, just junk produced to make money.

            My issue with the New International Version has remained unchanged but along the way the amount of information I have at hand to disparage this travesty of the Word of God continues to increase. One of my favorite sources of reason to warn potential readers of the book has been the lesbian Virginia Mollenkott who served on the NIV translation committee as a word stylist. She is an active participant in the World Council of Churches. You need to know that as the Alexandrian cult wanted to first Grecianize Judaism and later Christianity, the WCC seeks to paganize Christianity today. I would not want anybody who wanted to be connected with such an organization to have anything to do with a Bible I was depending on.

            Anyway, “Miz” Mollenkott has said that the Lord Jesus Christ is firstborn only in the sense that he was first to show us that it is possible to live in oneness with the divine source while we are here on this planet. That is a far cry from what the term first born means in my Bible. But then I do not use the NIV that “Miz” Mollenkott was such an important part of.

            Anything I have to say will not affect the majority of the people going out and buying the NIV in response to this new ad campaign, which is based on some supposed experience by an individual. But this does not take away from my responsibility to tell you the truth about the book and the people who produced it.

            The new campaign’s focus is the “experience” of the person doing the talking, and I do not know if that is a legitimate testimonial or not. And, it really does not matter. An “experience” according to all rules of logic does not override truth. And, the truth is the NIV is not the Word of God. It is poison for the soul.

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