Principal Introduces Occult Into School

Dr. Michael L. Ford

9 August 2007


            If I continue saving accounts of educators introducing the occult into schools I will one day soon have enough to publish a book on that one area of occult activity. Not even my own county school in the heart of the Bible Belt has been immune from such occurrences.

            The most recent account I gleaned from the New York Daily News. It seems a Manhattan principal, named Maritza Tamayo, was determined to rid her school of "negative energy." To do this she paid a Santeria priestess to drip chicken blood on the floors and stalk the halls with dozens of lighted candles doing “bizarre ceremonies.” According to news account this had been done twice the year before. Evidently it did not work then.

            Her school is located in the SoHo district, an area that has been linked with occult events before. She said the reason she was doing this was that she was hoping to “calm the students down." It does not seem to me that having a voodoo priestess come into a building and perform ceremonies opening doors to the paranormal is hardly a recipe for calming things down.

            This is what the City of New York gets for the $133,998 they pay what is supposed to be a skilled professional. But then, everywhere humanism is being substituted for God and social engineering replacing education fundamentals, the returns are diminishing. And they just do not get it. When God is removed from anything a vacuum is created that something ungodly will move in to.

            Ms Tamayo, who claims to be a practicing Roman Catholic, has been an active participant in the rituals. She was seen in a white headdress and carrying branches, elephant plant leaves and incense up to the school's fourth floor walking beside her neighbor, Gilda Fonte, who was carrying on her head a silver tray with about 40 lighted candles. We might remember psychic Jean Dixon was a devout Catholic who attended mass every day. But according to the word of God she was a false prophet deserving to be put to death. Ms Tamayo must not have read God’s condemnation for those messing with demonic forces.

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