God Would Not Fail to Bless Obedience
Dr. Michael L. Ford
21 December 2006

	When God told men to be fruitful and multiply some
people seem to think He was putting a curse upon
mankind. I donít believe anything God ever told His
Creation was for any reason less than their well
being. That is the characteristic of a loving God.
Unfortunately, not all who read their Bible place the
same authority upon its words. That seems to have been
the case with Thomas Malthus, a minister who listened
more to people like the philosopher Rousseau. So in
the 18th century he made the famous prediction that
population would outstrip food supply and when the
world reached a certain level there would be massive
starvation and so forth. What that level of population
would be has ever since been adjusted upward.
	This past week the United States celebrated the birth
of its 300 millionth living citizen. Of course this is
a slightly arbitrary selection for various reasons,
but it served to mark an important event in the
history of a nation that was also predicted it would
be overpopulated at the one and two hundredth million
marks. But then the world was thought to have achieved
excess population in the 18th, 19th, and 20th
centuries by certain groups, some of which are
referred to as Malthusians, named after Thomas
Malthus. They seem ever failing to remember his
original population prediction, like their own have
been, was a failure.
	If you look at the places in the world where human
sufferings abound and people are starving you find
places where the Christian religion is on the whole
not taught and even despised by the masses, In some
places where Christianity has made inroads the people
began their cycle of poverty by holding on to false
gods and religious beliefs. But strangely enough where
Jews and Christians dominate the standard of living
increases and people begin to prosper. This is a fact
carefully overlooked by people who want to control
population and establish a One World Order telling
their fellow humans how to live. We need only to point
to godless, atheistic, communist China to show how
such ideas fail. There efforts at population control
has resulted in a shortage of females and an aging
population. Obedience to Godís command is best.

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