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Media Bias in Sniper Reporting




            Many people have rejected CNN (often referred to as the communist news network) and MSNBC as their sources for news in favor of the FOX News Channel. That network is not immune from the tendency toward the same distortions of facts upon occasion that have disgusted so many with the others. An example of such distorted reporting was observed on the night of 23/24 October 2002. On that night a reportrix in the field continually referred to the Marion County, Alabama firearm training center known as Ground Zero as a terrorist training center. This was said several times without the host of the show ever correcting the unwarranted allegation.

            The Atlanta Journal Constitution, not known for unbiased reporting itself, carried a headline article by Eunice Moscoso titled Sniper Hunt Seeks Ex-GI the morning of 24 October. In that article she states that the Managing Editor of the Selma Times Journal, Dale James, said that Ground Zero did most of its business by training bodyguards. In that same article she also reported that the owner of the business had said it was often used as a training ground for police officers. There is no doubt that the information concerning Ground Zero had been burning up the wire service feeds and had been available to all reporting news. Clearly the reporter for Fox had been trying to distort the facts to serve an unworthy agenda.

            It is my belief that the goal in false reporting that took place on the night in question was to bring an attack on militias that exist in the United States. Most of these are not about Arian supremacy, skinheads, or strange religious beliefs. They are not interested in overthrowing the government of the United States either. Many are there to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and as a defense against foreign invasions or an ultimate breakdown of civil authority. They are made up of men and women who are police officers and former military professionals quite often.

            Liberals and others who hate the American way of life want to see the cessation of two things right away. The first is the right of  every American to bear arms, and the second is the private militias that are loyal to the Constitutional ideal rather than political organizatins.

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