Minister of Education Report


Homosexuals Advance TheIr Cause

of the SodomIc DestructIons of SocIety


            The current scandal that afflicts Christendom has moved beyond the Catholic molestation of altar boys to the Episcopalian dance with the devil as they seek to make a practicing homosexual a bishop. Canon Gene Robinson's elevation is on hold as I write this report because allegations have arisen concerning sexual misconduct. That is amusing because what he was admitting he was involved with already was sexual misconduct God called an abomination. He was admittedly a sodomite.

            The thing that finally managed to slow down the move to make Robinson a bishop began with the revelation that his Internet website had links to pornography purveyors of the sodomite sort. That was information that had been known to many for days before it was made an eleventh hour disclosure to the Episcopal assembly, so the conclusion is there are some orchestrating a resistance to his elevation.

            People who want Canon Gene Robinson to become the bishop-elect of New Hampshire argue that he exhibits a wholesome and holy lifestyle. We wonder how he can do that while living in a condition that God condemns? How can he be holy in his life when what is acknowledged as his main ministry is an Internet site designed to promote what God condemns? His mission statement says: 

"OUTRIGHTS mission is to create safe, positive, and affirming environments for young gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and questioning people ages 22 and under. Outright aspires to a youth-driven philosophy  in which youth needs and beliefs form decisions, and a collaboration of youth and adults provides support, education, advocacy, and social activities ."

                Instead of trying to free people from the bondage of their sin, Gene Robinson is trying to "affirm" them in their sinful estate. Not only that, it is freely admitted that his website is aimed at reaching people as young as twelve years old. In short his target audience includes vulnerable young people. Like most sodomites he is a pedophile in disguise.


            David Virtue, a conservative voice in Anglican and Episcopalian circles says:

"This is not the ethereal and suggestive world of PLAYBOY, it is hard core entree for young people into degeneracy. The reason every state makes sex with minors illegal is that legislators know that young

people can be easily lead astray. The message from these vivid and graphic links that include oral sex

and other sexual activity have the additional momentum of the powerful approval of the church and a bishop-elect, whose ministry has spawned the "OUTRIGHT" site."

            What this man has done is put a perverted spin on the word ministry that brings not only the Episcopalian church into further disrepute from its already fallen position but casts a blight upon all Christian work. We already had enough problems with other liberal ministries willing to affirm people in all kinds of assorted sins instead of proclaiming boldly that they should repent of their sins and submit themselves to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ in salvation.  

            The Bible speaks of a time when the way of truth would be evil spoken of. It is clear as we progress toward the end that this day is brought about not only because of the attacks upon Christianity from without, but more specially because of the misconduct on many fronts by people in leadership positions from within. The homosexual agenda is but one of those areas of attack, but right now it is a major one.

            Unlike the people who try to play footsie with the world instead of stand on the word of God, the people who are caught up in this perverted lifestyle understand the real objectives of their movement. They know that for them to be safe to pursue their perversions society must be changed. They have organizations that work toward this agenda all the time, groups with names like the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). The operation to co-opt the church into their effort has a three-fold objective. First of all they want to silence the voice of opposition to their actions the genuine Christian witness represents. Second, they want the resources that exist within Christendom, which includes financial resources as well as communication outlets.



Finally, they want to separate real Christians from their base. And they are succeeding at that. People are abandoning churches in droves because they have become more and more disillusioned with a church that looks too much like the world.

            In an article titled "Truth obscured in homosexual tsunami," it was proclaimed that homosexuality is taking the world by storm. Among the disclosures in the article was the fact Richard Chamberlain has disclosed that he is a sodomite. That was a personal disappointment for me, for I had greatly enjoyed his work as an actor in the epic Shogun and as the Count of Monte Cristo. But it is the insidious influence of people like him through which perverts hope to make some of their gains. And they are making gains. An estimated 130,000 sodomites turned out to revel at the Walt Disney Gay Days of June 2003.

            The evidence for societal breakdown is all around us. Canada just had its first legal same-sex wedding after an Ontario court canned the ban on homosexual marriages. The United States Supreme Court had also favorably ruled on homosexual activity rendering many state laws null and void. And, the California State Assembly, which I have long suspected is secretly that state's mental asylum, approved legislation that allowed all rights of marriage to homosexual partners. Same sex benefits are climbing corporate ladders and breaking city and state budgets. Guess who will be expected to make up the difference?

            The National Education Association, never to be left out of a left leaning or idiotic cause has plans to "promote receptivity to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues throughout the curriculum in grades K-12." "Queer Proms" will now join the springtime activities. Meanwhile parents go along blissfully trusting their children to the public school. Frankly I will not be surprised if, before this runs it course, the Harry Potter witchcraft, which they also endorse, will ultimately reveal Harry is either gay or bisexual. When it happens remember you heard it here first.

            One of the humorous events regarding the church and homosexuality actually occurred in the land down under. It seems an Australian, Rollan McCleary , received a doctorate for his thesis on "gay spirituality." It seems he discovered that by tracing Biblical "clues" and Jesus' astrological chart. They to that seriously.                             3.


            Open a paper, turn on the television, watch a current movie and homosexuality is where it's at. And this immense homosexual tsunami threatens to engulf countless lives, yet hardly a whisper signals the impending damage and loss that hides behind its swell.

For, truth be told, homosexuality is not user-friendly:

1. Clinical psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality cites statistics that reveal "gay" sex to be a dangerously self-destructive addiction. It is "often tied to promiscuity and unsafe sex practices," including sadomasochism, anonymous and group sex.

2. According to the Centers for Disease Control, homosexual men are a thousand times more likely to contract AIDS than the general heterosexual population. The Medical Clinics of North America reported in 1986 that almost 80 percent of homosexual men have had at least one sexually transmitted disease.

3. In the 1999 report, "Health Implications Associated with Homosexuality," the Medical Institute for Sexual Health found that both "gays" and lesbians have steeper rates of alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse than heterosexuals. "Gay" men tend to have multiple sexual partners some as many as 100 annually. And percentage-wise, there is more mental abuse and physical violence among homosexuals than in the general population.

4. University of California, San Francisco researchers report in their Urban Men's Health Study that attempted suicide rates among "gay" and bisexual men are three times higher than that of heterosexuals. Anti-"gay" pressure is not a factor, says psychologist William Maier, Psy.D. The studies were conducted in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco "where homosexuality is not only condoned but widely endorsed and promoted," he says.

5. A large Dutch survey supports the UCSF data. The Sandfort (2001) study found that homosexual men and women are in greater jeopardy for psychiatric disorders, even though social acceptance is exceptionally high in the Netherlands.

6. Contrary to popular myth, homosexuality need not be permanent. Dr. Warren Throckmorton, immediate past president of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, says treatment for sex-orientation change has been effective and should be available on client request. Awash in the deluge of homosexual hoopla and misinformation, victims succumb to the passion and deceit. Mercifully, truth remains and still buoyantly bobs on the surface, to alert and rescue those wanting to grasp its lifeline.



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