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John Kerry Warning-              

Christians & Veterans Think Twice

            I have now heard from two different sources information, that quite apart from my misgivings about his politics, tells me Christians and Veterans should be careful about supporting John Kerry. First I heard from Mark Holzer, Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn Law School, and then I heard from Stephen Sherman, who was First Lieutenant, 5th Special Forces, Vietnam in 1967-68. They raise serious questions about Kerry's honesty, patriotism, morality and ethics. Space does not allow me to detail all the information I have read, but the reports will be maintained in our files for those who wish to make inquiry.

            Mark Holzer, who is the co-author of Fake Warriors raises serious questions about how Kerry got his Silver Star. Both Holzer and Sherman, who served in the same unit Jim Rassmann the man whose life Kerry was supposed to have saved, raise serious questions about Kerry's loyalty to the United States.

            One of the things that caught my attention in the reports was that Mr. Kerry, as co-chairman of a Senate investigating committee quashed an inquiry into the POW/MIA issue, and supported trade initiatives with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Not only that, he did this while blocking legislation requiirng Hanoi to adhere to basic human rights. I found myself speculating on whether these communists might have something on Mr. Kerry, because blackmail of officials to get their way has been long standing communist tactics.

            The reports pointed out B.G. Burkett in his book "Stolen Valor" identified John Kerry as having used phony vets to testify to atrocities they could not possibly have committed. And, he was one of the April 1971 organizers of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstration in Washington called Dewey Canyon III.

            Kerry supposedly threw his medals at the Capitol at the demonstration, but they hung on the wall of his office in the Senate after his election. Now he wants to use them to help him become President. Something is very wrong here. I think when such issues are raised and unanswered they stand to condemn.

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