Medical License of Governor Ernie Fletcher at Risk


The American Medical Association intrudes itself into government by barring medical doctors from intruding itself either directly or indirectly in participating in elections. Kentucky requires doctors to follow AMA guidelines. This gives a non-governmental body the power to make law, a power that has been abrogated to several other organizations as well. It is past time to stop this kind of behavior.

            When the governor signed the death warrant for a convicted killer a group of doctors went to the Kentucky Medical Board of Licensure. Their purpose was to see whether signing death warrants as part of his office as governor was ground to have Fletcher’s medical license revoked. They are playing politics through intimidation. The matter will not be heard until January 2005.

            Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, worked as a heart surgeon before he was elected to the Senate, but he wimped out on addressing the issue. Democrats were quick to use the subject as a political football however. The correct solution would be to do away with the influence of the AMA and other groups who have too much power. Another solution to the problem would to ban doctors from holding public office where the AMA may decide to make rules. The second answer is no more ridiculous than the current situation where organizations like the AMA have too much power.

            One person, a psychiatrist, aged 86, probably suffering from dementia, has commented on the situation. Dr. Zitrin, a death penalty opponent has also gone after the license of a physician in Georgia. Zitrin practiced in New York. He qualifies as the poster child for what is wrong in the whole situation. He needs to keep his nose in New York, and the AMA needs to be put out of the ability to influence government decision making.

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