Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Scandal


            Let’s get something straight, abusing prisoners for the sake of abusing prisoners is wrong. I do not think a Christian can endorse such a thing. Now, let us get something else straight. In war you sometimes have to speak to people in a language they understand. The question is which are we really looking at when we hear about this prisoner abuse?

            One thing that bothers me greatly is that CIA and other military intelligence people were supposed to be active in Abu Ghraib and other prisons. But when this thing is talked about their presence gets lost in the shuffle of words. Several friends who had contact with CIA in Vietnam have questioned what was actually going on with the shaming and picture taking performed by some unknown source?

            There is no doubt that the media set on the story until the revelation could come closer to the Presidential election, just as there is no question that the military was the ones who uncovered the problem, not the media. But neither of these answers the question of why these things were taking place?

            The five or so low level fall guys, including the pregnant out of wedlock “paper pusher” will take the rap, but were they really the force behind the perpetration of abuse? Could it be that the events that took place were a clumsy failed attempt at mental warfare? The CIA has done some great foul-ups before when they tried to play mind games in countries. If they are at fault it is for sure the fix is in and they are not going to take the fall.

            Downplayed has been the fact that the Iraqis who were being abused were not very nice people. One had performed a homosexual rape on a 15 year-old fellow prisoner. It seems that the people singled out for “special” treatment were chose with purpose. Something was going on we have not been told, and I wonder what?

            If this thing is nothing more than a few low level people who went bad, and I doubt that, then you have another incident where the decision by people like Jimmy Carter to flood the military with female officers is once again yielding rotten fruit. But that is another scandal that has been well covered up over the years.

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