Christianity Under Attack!

Armed Forces Must Serve
Without Christ
Dr. Michael L. Ford
10 May 2006
	In San Diego, a liberal activist Judge, Gordon
Thompson Jr., has ordered the city to remove a cross
from Mt. Soledad or be fined $5000 dollars a day. For
over 50 years this site has been recognized as a
public place where veterans have been recognized for
their service to America. Last summer 76% of San
Diego’s voters voted to keep the cross. Steps are
underway to turn the site over to the National Parks
Service to save the cross, but we have seen them try
to remove Christian symbols at Yellowstone before so
that is no real security. This is specially true since
traitors in our government have been turning control
of parts of America’s natural heritage over to the
godless U.N.
	To add insult to injury the problem of anti-Christian
activity still goes on within the active duty ranks
forces as well. When I served the biggest problem was
dealing with people superiors and peers alike who
hated you for being a practicing Christian. It was
alright to claim to be a Christian just as long as you
did not act like one or profess your faith. Since
Desert Storm when some troops were actually told to
leave their Bibles at home and chaplains were told not
to wear Crosses or a Star of David, things have gotten
	Apparently a Navy chaplain named Klingenschmitt will
be court-martialed for praying at a 10 March protest,
with Judge Roy Moore, violating Department of Defense
rules forbidding chaplains from prayers invoking the
Name of Jesus Christ. Navy sources say the chaplain is
being discipline for wearing his uniform at a protest.
When I was on active duty simply being at a protest
would get you in trouble, but after John Kerry
protested Vietnam while still not discharged from the
Navy, and got away with it, such rules did not mean a
whole lot. No, the attempt to obscure the fact this
chaplain is being singled out for praying at the type
of protest he was at has failed. Small comfort to the
mothers who now must see their children go to war
without God.

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