Minister of Education Reports  


Sodomite Weddings Become the Fad

in the

Fallen Church



            The ignored lesson has been that the church that gives itself to compromise continues to compromise until it becomes completely depraved. Little by little things creep into an assembly or denomination until at last they are faced with an issue they find distasteful or repugnant. Then the people complain. What they then find is that they have surrendered so much territory by compromise they have nowhere to stand. You have but to study the way others have gone or are going to know how we too will go if we choose compromise.

There is a new fad in the fallen church of Laodicea that is growing in popularity. That is the fad of consecrating sodomite (homosexual) unions with a marriage ritual. Some try to lessen there approval of men dabbling in feces together, and women behaving contrary to nature by calling the procedure a commitment ceremony.

They have in some cases developed a parody of the wedding ritual.

"Do you take this man/woman to be your…"

Someone suggested the terminology, "do you take (it) to be your…"

But after consideration "it" is probably a more appropriate term for those who have had sex change operations. (Actually they do not change sex at all, they just make it seem like they have through surgical and chemical means.)

            It has been suggested that there should also be a ritual for dedicated philanderers. After all there is a larger body of people that cannot remain true to their wedding vows. These are certainly more numerous than the sodomites. The Laodicean church wants to be inclusive and get everybody in.

            I think the church begins its downhill slide of compromise by refusing to deal with sins within the camp because it does not want to hurt someone's feelings. After all, had the Church of England dealt with Westcott and Hort when they were playing around with the supernatural, they would not have been in a position where they could corrupt the Word of God by introducing a false text. Think about it.

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