Applause Changed to Booed


            On September 3rd the Associated Press reported that when President Bush offered his best wishes to former President Clinton for a speedy recovery the crowd in West Allis, Wisconsin booed. The report went on to claim that President Bush did nothing to stop them. On the day following, 4 September 2004, the Associated Press had to retract the story. Did the Associated Press reporter make an honest mistake? The answer is no. It is difficult to confuse booing for applause. This story is another example of the left wing corruption of journalism that we have seen plenty of in recent days. As we once said just of politicians and lawyers, “we can tell that he is lying because his mouth is moving,” many feel the same is now true of reporters.

            It is important that we should ask ourselves what is the motivation behind such lies? After all, they are reported and repeated over and over again, even after they are debunked. How many times have you heard the lie that “Bush stole the election?” Where does such an absolute antagonism for the truth reside? The Bible teaches us that it resides in the father of lies, Satan himself. People who tell lies, whether it is told one on one or on a mass scale, are doing the work of the Devil.

            This might seem strong language to some people, but what I am saying is what the Bible says. The Bible says Satan was a liar from the beginning, and he is the father of liars. There is a Satanic motivation for portraying Bush supporters as people so lacking in grace that they would boo when best wishes are offered for the former President’s recovery. A great many of his constituency are

(1) Christian; (2) Morally Upright; or (3) Patriotic. None of the people who fall into these categories is the Evil One interested in portraying in a good light because he opposes such. And he is not above inspiring those who serve him to lie to make them look bad.

The idea of wishing the best to Clinton is a Christian principle, one of not returning evil for evil. Let us pray that Bill Clinton will have both a speedy recovery and that he and those who told this lie will be converted to the way of truth.

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