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Russia Is Still Evil       


      As I have said before, the collapse of the Soviet Union only meant the likelihood for Scripture related to Russia (specifically Ezekiel 38) being fulfilled increased. Historically, even before there was a communist movement in Russia, there was a Russian interest in the Middle East. For one thing, they always needed warm water ports from which they could move cargo in trade and military forces to exercise their influence over the rest of the world.

      Those who kept up with Operation Iraqi Freedom probably heard that the Russians had sold some highly sophisticated equipment to Saddam Hussein before the war. The intent was that this equipment would be able to override American electronic defenses and enable them to short down our planes. The Russians knew what the equipment they were selling him was intended to do. Anyone who thinks the Russian government is our friends is delusional.

      Russian technology and weapons are for sale on the international market. This was true when the land was referred to as the U.S.S.R., and it is truer still now that things have changed. Known weapons sales exceeded 3.5 billion in 1999, and we have reason to believe they have increased since. The main market is the countries of China (remember prophecy concerning the kings of the East) and India, with South America and the Middle East also doing business with the Russians.

      One of the things that bothered me for some time is some 100 missing Russian atomic suitcases, each of which may have as much as a 10 kiloton blast capability. Stanislav Lunev, (currently in the federal witness protection program) was once a Russian spy who scouted sites for weapons caches in the U.S. It is possible that some of those may already be in the United States waiting to be used. In fact, one of my sources said that they had good reason to believe that about forty were stockpiled somewhere in Michigan. Representatives like Curt Weldon and Dan Burton seem to be treating the threat seriously.

      Godís Word did not change just because the U.S.S.R. fell.

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