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                                                About Tithes and Offerings


In our generation there are a number of different ideas about the subject of tithes and offerings. But ideas are only valid if they are based on what the Scripture teaches. One of the purposes of this page is to clarify the issue and present in a simple manner what tithes and offerings are really all about. At the start we must admit that it is a failure of the modern church that we have not taught adequately on the subject. The reason behind that failure has been the criticism and propoganda leveled against the church and ministers by public media and Hollywood.


Tithes and Offerings are means of worshipping God. They are not, as some believe, things we do that interupt the morning service, yet are necessary to pay the expenses of the church. No, they are separate acts of worship within the total experience of worship. God intended that the giving of tithes and offerings would be things integral to His worship that would enhance every other part of manís adoration of Him. So it was from the most ancient times. This observance is essential for all men and women who wish to have true joy and freedom in worship.


The tithe is a giving back to God a portion of what He has blessed us with. This was also the meaning of the tithe in Israel. From the earliest days, mankind has had a natural understanding that the appropriate tithe was the tenth of what God had prospered the individual. For as long as God has had a house of worship, first a Tabernacle, then a Temple, and finally the local church, this has been Godís place for the placing of the tithe in worship. No other place has ever been a substitute. The tithe recognizes Godís authority in allowing us to live and work and get gain.


No offering can be made until first the tithe is given. The offering is different from a tithe. It is an expression of thanks for Godís special blessing and authority in our lives. Offerings must first begin with the giving of ourselves in service to the Lord in accordance with His will for us. Monetary offerings are given by way of thanksgiving for special blessings or gratitude. Special blessings do not have to be financial blessings. For instance one might give an offering of thanks to God by donating to musicians who have lifted our hearts toward heaven. But giving such an offering with tithe money would result in a spiritual failure to have given either a tithe or an offering to God. Tithes and offerings are different in character from one another.


Each point in this paper can be demonstrated from the Scripture. As always we welcome opportunity to discuss the Word of God one on one. If you have a topic you would like to see in a future report let me know.

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