Same Sex Marriage

27 July 2004

As I write this report Belgium, the Netherlands the U.S. state of Massachusetts and three Canadian provinces have legalized gay marriage. Spain's new Socialist government plans to present a draft law on same-sex marriages in September. Same sex marriage is the growing insanity in the world that is leading toward the end of the age. It is the medium for the spread of both disease and social anarchy like none other and the tool of liberal forces that want to grab power in the United States and other parts of the world.

At the same time, France, has annulled France's first gay marriage, setting precedent to outlaw other same-sex marriages. The mayor, who had performed the ceremony, had been suspended by the government. France is not coming to its senses. This is about power. The two lesbians involved plan to appeal their case to the European Court for Human Rights. Bowing to outside courts would mean a surrender of sovereignty for France whether the court upheld France’s decision or not. But the likelihood is that such a court would find against the interests of the nation.

            In Toronto, Canada, barely a year after an Ontario court gave its blessing to same-sex marriage; a lesbian couple is trying to untie the knot. It was probably a stunt to test new laws. The two ‘lezzies’ separated five days after the ceremony, and two weeks after the Ontario Court of Appeals had approved same sex marriage. What is the purpose? Why it is a power grab agenda. You see the neither their Supreme Court nor their Parliament has acted to legitimize homosexual marriage. Getting a judge to hear a divorce petition is a step toward getting this perversion legal throughout Canada.

The people on the side of the homosexual agenda do not care what God has had to say about such abominations. They have an agenda which includes being able to perform any kind of perversions they want, influence and molest your children with you helpless to defend them, and have you to pay for the disease and pain their wickedness causes.

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