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Deaths of Pilgrims Reveal Evil of Islam


            As the known deaths, so far, of Pilgrims to Mecca are now officially set at 251, we must pause to reflect how this event once again emphasizes the evils of Islam, which is dangerous to non- Islamics and damaging to those who are its adherents in life, and results in their eternal damnation in eternity.

            The reports of deaths this year should not be too surprising since people have been dying in these haij rituals for years. It was not even the worst. In 1990, 1426 people were trampled or asphyxiated in a stampede that occurred that year. In fact every year pilgrims experience a certain number of deaths.

            The attitude of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia has further illustrated the deficiencies of Islamic thought in the matter. They would report to you of the improvements to the area they have planned, but I would have you focus on the other part of their response when they take the attitude that the deaths are less significant because most who died were "illegal" participants, meaning that they had not acquired all the necessary permits to be in the festivities. Do you get it?

            It is interesting that people get hurt at the stoning of Satan ritual based on the myth that Satan appeared in that spot to Abraham, his son Ismael, and wife Hagar (remember the true story of those people from the Bible) and they each threw seven stones at him. Now people go down to the same spot and throw seven stones at three pillars set up to represent Satan for that purpose. (Why 3 pillars?) 

            Let's get real. If Satan could be induced to appear does anyone really believe that he, a spiritual being, would be bothered by having stones thrown at him? No, what has really happened is that hell has once again enlarged her borders, and Satan is laughing at the folly of humans who will believe a lie. Now instead of running they walk seven times around the black clothed Kaaba stone at the heart of the Grand Mosque in the trip that gets them nowhere. The folly of the lie is everywhere evident.

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