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Pro-Abortion Movement Declares War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers





In its continued assault against the pro-life movement, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) has apparently lobbied New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer to issue subpoenas to three New York City crisis pregnancy centers (CPC´s), demanding information that is pertinent to their existence.

As part of a massive pro-abortion campaign, NARAL is specifically targeting these CPC´s for extinction, and is currently offering a booklet on their website called A Step-by-Step Guide Unmasking Fake Clinics.

According to Cybercast News Service, "The subpoenas require the crisis pregnancy centers to supply the attorney general´s office with copies of advertisements, website addresses, services provided, staff who provided the services, and training materials by February 1."

"This is an attack on the pro-life message and messenger," said Chris Slattery, the founder and director of Expectant Mother Care, which provides free services to pregnant women in New York City and received one of these subpoenas.

Slattery pointed out that his and the nearly 3,000 CPC´s across the nation have helped hundreds—if not thousands—of women looking for answers, giving them alternatives to abortion and offering them free parenting classes; baby clothes; adoption referrals; post-abortion counseling; if necessary; a place to live; and emotional support.


"They want to shut us down," Slattery added.
"If they succeed in silencing our message, we will not be able to effectively say anything meaningfully pro-life."

In addition, many abortion clinics receive federal and state funding and CPC´s do not, and therefore operate on a shoe-string budget. Slattery says, "Most [pro-life] pregnancy centers simply can´t afford to pay medical professionals." However, the people who staff the CPC´s often don´t receive a salary and are volunteers.

"Contrast this to abortion clinics, which only help women if they have the money to pay for an abortion," said Janet Folger, national director of the CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA. "Then, once the abortion is performed, the abortionist has no use for the woman."

Who´s Really Pro-Woman?

As had been previously reported by the CENTER FOR RECLAIMING AMERICA, abortion clinics themselves are very dangerous places. In a previous story, Abortion Clinics Are Sources of Murder, Violence and Crime, Says Study, the CENTER highlighted a study from California Right to Life which documented 2,297 incidents of violence, deception, sexual assault, and wrongful deaths at the hands of the abortion clinics.

Though the pro-abortion movement continues to hype abortion as "safe, legal, and rare," abortion continues to be dangerous for women. For instance, in February 2001, abortionist John Biskind of Arizona was convicted of manslaughter when Mary Lou Herron, a woman he had performed an abortion on just hours earlier, died because of his negligence. It took the jury just three hours to convict Biskind. "The evidence kind of spoke for itself," said Russell Craig, the jury foreman.

To cite another tragedy, the Associated Press recently reported, "A Delaware abortion practitioner, accused of botching an abortion



that led to a woman´s death has testified that something went wrong, but he doesn´t know how or why." According to the story, abortionist Mohammad Imran perforated Gracealynn T. Harris´ uterus, causing internal bleeding. When asked by Harris´ family attorney why he didn´t follow medical protocol by calling an ambulance, Imran responded, "I´ve never seen this protocol."

"Talk about gross negligence," said Folger. "Where is the concern from NARAL and Planned Parenthood for Mary Lou Herron and Gracealynn Harris? Why has the pro-abortion industry fought ´Women´s Right to Know´ laws and regulations that would require abortion clinics to actually act professionally?"

"Given that New York is arguably the most abortion-friendly state in the nation, why isn´t the Attorney General investigating cases like this?" asked Folger. "Why is he wasting so much time going after the good people at Expectant Mother Care, who offer free services and compassion to women? The answer is simple: they are hurting the business of the abortion industry, who stands to make a profit off of vulnerable women and girls."

Slattery Not Intimidated

As for Chris Slattery, he will continue to do the work he has been called to do, helping women and young girls to make a choice they—and their babies—can live with.


Slattery, who is no stranger to controversy, has received phone calls and death threats for years. Formerly a salesman for a British magazine, he used to make $75,000 a year, and his wife, Eileen, whom he met when she volunteered to help him at Expectant Mother Care—didn´t have to work. Now, he is a full-time activist who has also opened up six pro-life CPC´s, most of which are across the street from an abortion clinic. One CPC is located in the same building as a Planned Parenthood facility.

Through the years he has received harassing phone calls and death threats, at work and at home. He told Faith & Family magazine that he has had security cameras stolen, and at one point he was


followed everywhere he went by pro-abortion activists.

Slattery estimates that his centers save about 850 babies per year, or more than half of all babies whose mothers seek services that Expectant Mother Care has to offer. They could save as many as 1,000, now that he offers ultrasound, which shows a woman quite clearly what her baby looks like.

Their work is especially crucial in New York City. According to Faith & Family, "There are about 1.3 million abortions annually. Of those, 104,000 take place in New York City. In the Bronx, abortions outnumber live births."

But Slattery remains confident. "We will win," he predicts. "I´m not scared of the pro-abortion movement. They will not intimidate us."

"What can you do to help these courageous pro-lifers?" asked Folger. "Why don´t you take a moment and contact the attorney general of New York?"

Here is his contact information:

Attorney General Elliott Spitzer
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341
(518) 474-7330

To help Chris Slattery and Expectant Mother Care with legal costs, please write to:
Expectant Mother Care
210 East 23rd St., 5th floor
New York, NY 10010


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