Cindy Sheehan’s Nobel Prize
Dr. Michael L. Ford
14 October 2006

	Mrs. Sheehan has emerged as one of those people I
love to feel contempt for. To me, the only person
lower than news people and politician’s making
merchandise out of fallen soldiers are parent’s who
use their children’s death to promote a cause contrary
to their dead children’s beliefs and standards. About
the only way such a person could sink lower in my
estimate would be to tread on the grief of other
parent’s by belittling their children and grief. Cindy
S. has apparently accomplished this as well by calling
Joe and Jan Johnson, whose son Justin died in Iraq,
“brainwashed.” What qualifies them as brainwashed in
Sheehan’s estimate is the fact their grief did not
change their opinion of the necessity of the war
against terrorism. Her conduct leaves me wondering if
Mrs. Cindy would not consider the families, who
suffered grief in our nation’s preceding wars,
brainwashed as well?
	 When I first heard that Mrs. Sheehan was being
considered for a Nobel Prize I was not surprised.
After all, the apolitical prize committee has shown
itself to be hardly that in bygone years. They seem to
love embracing liberal and “pinko’ characters like
Nelson Mandela and his ilk. My question was in what
category she might be recognized? As of yet there is
no specific award for being Hugo Chavez buddy or for
calling terrorists who murder one’s son freedom
     She could hardly get the award for literature
since it presupposes there must be some literary
quality to one’s work. Her book “Peace Mom” (from
reports concerning her mothering qualities that like
her wifely title must be used loosely) is ranked at
the lowly 207,064th position in sales by
How they manage to coerce bookstores to have signings
for her is beyond me. Is it bribery or intimidation of
some sort? Then I found out there was no record of her
being nominated, and she was not even on the list of
candidates the bookies were making bets on. The least
important bit of information was that nominees are not
supposed to know they have been put up and Cindy was
the only person who seemed to know. But in the end it
seems Cindy Sheehan’s nomination was only the product
of her own fantasies.

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