One World Religion, Report # 1


United Religions Initiative


      The United Religions Initiative (URI) is an interfaith movement founded in 1995 by Bishop William Swing, of the Episcopal Church’s diocese in San Francisco Bay, California. (You will remember that the Episcopal Church USA is the same people who recently ordained a homosexual bishop.) URI has expanded to become a worldwide organization with over 200 chapters.

      The URI works closely with the United Nations and receives funding from many sources like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and Lucis Trust World Service Fund, which according to some of my sources was once called Lucifer Trust. It even receives money from the United States Institute for Peace, which a Federal Agency taking the tax money of American Christians and using it against them.

      The URI supports the Earth Charter promoted by communist Mikhail Gorbachev. President Bush, and Governor Gray Davis of California have both commended the URI and Bishop Swing. President Bush has endorsed them in spite of the fact that URI leaders equate evangelism to manipulative “proselytizing” and violence.

      Bishop Swing has said, “in order for a United Religions to come about…there will have to be…a temporary truce where the absolute exclusive claims…will not be tolerated in the United Religions zone.” This zone should be understood to be the whole world. Paul Chafee, at the URI forum in 1997 said, “We cannot afford fundamentalism in a world this small.” If the URI opinion prevails, Christian evangelism based on the unique, saving identity and acts of Christ would be ruled out.

      Of course we realize that most who claim to be Christians would scarcely notice a ban on the ability of believers to evangelize. But many will notice when the government moves to close or penalize churches for at least giving lip service to a belief that this is what the Lord Jesus Christ calls us to do. Believers must realize that it will be necessary to actively suppress people who say they believe in evangelization and uniqueness of the Christian faith in order to pursue the goal of a one world religion.

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