Gerry Studds RIP?
Dr. Michael L. Ford
16 October 2006

	A friend called me when he got in from drill in his
Guard unit Sunday night. We began to catch up. He has
been so busy since getting back from Iraq we have not
had much opportunity to talk. I don’t remember how the
subject got to Gerry Studds, the Congressional
Democratic homosexual predator who got away with
categorizing sex with a seventeen-year-old page as
consentual sex between adults. We agreed that the
likelihood is he is hardly resting in peace, since
according to his “husband,” under new perverted
Massachusetts law, he died an unrepentant and
practicing sodomite.
	One of the things we discussed was the manner and
timing of his death. Given the homosexual tendency to
act out and make a spectacle of themselves, and Studds
was certainly willing to do that, it is interesting
that he died right in the middle of the Foley scandal
where his demise could get the most attention. I told
my friend of a theory I had developed watching the
lives and deaths of rockers. I think certain public
people are either possessed or controlled by demonic
forces. Not only that, I also believe when these
forces have used them for all they are worth they
destroy them. I have seen this happen over and over.
The death of Gerry Studds at a most opportune time
seems to bear this theory out.
	It is interesting that when the sinful behavior of
Gerry Studds was made public there was no suggestion
Speaker Tip O’Neil should resign, or that people on
his side of the aisle should not be reelected because
they had known for years what the pervert had been up
to. Page scandals are nothing new. There has been a
history of them. The big difference is mainly which
side of the aisle is acting out in Congress now.
	It is no surprise that Massachusetts now sanctions
homosexual marriage. They sent Studds back to Congress
till he retired and they keep reelecting Chappaquidick
Ted, who by the way just eulogized Studds. Maybe Teddy
was right. Studds had changed Massachusetts forever.
Now we have an East Coast land of fruits and flakes, a
place unfit, even dangerous, to try to raise children

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