Minister of Education Reports


                                                Perilous Times Have Come


Since the Supreme Courtís decision in 1973, America has witnessed a holocaust of nearly 40 million children killed due to legalized abortion. This is nearly five times the known number of Jews murdered in Hitlerís death camps. This has continued to go on even though modern medicine has proven that heart beat and brain waves occur just 41 days after conception. Today the life of a child within the mortherís womb continues to be without legal protection.


Once I mourned that people who came to our shores illegally had more rights than a baby in the womb of its mother. Today I mourn that a mother can die trying to get her baby to our shores, and the ruling of the court having jurisdiction over the child will be ignored by the chief law enforcement officer of our land and the Attorney General. On a morning in Florida, every person who was paying attention to what was taking place had notice served on them that their homes are no longer the havens, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.


The Easter season was violated in storm trooper fashion by the unction of the same administration that has repeatedly taken care to insure the sensibilities of the Muslim and other groups were not offended during their forays of intrusion about the world. The conclusion we had to come to was that viewed the Holy Days of Passover and the Lord Jesus Christís sacrifice upon the cross with disdain.


Our country has fallen upon hard times. Churches are now being threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status for saying less than the words printed on this page. Some churches have already had to go to court and fight to defeat attempts to oppress them. This is being done to try and stop Christian leaders from raising a moral protest to the evils which abound on every hand. In some places this intimidation through fear is succeeding.


The word of God teaches that we are to be salt and light in the world. This means that we are not only concerned with communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, but also establishing the moral compass taught by the Word of God in the world while we are here.

This is not an easy task and it is not one designed to make us popular with a lost and dying world. But let us remember that our Lord was despised and rejected of men, and the servant is not greater than his master.

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