Minister of Education Reports


Interesting Times – End Times

November – December 2001 


            This has been some interesting weeks to say the least. During the past few weeks we have seen a war on terrorism taking place on the one hand. It is being conducted against a people who among other things condemn Americans for being morally bankrupt. While this is true, they follow a religion that is demonic and are as a religion engaged in misogyny and pedophilia.

            On the other hand, in the Anglican Church, a bishop came out and challenged Christians to observe the Ramadan season with Muslims as a step toward mutual understanding. When he did so he of course demonstrated that he had little concept of what Christianity is all about. Not only that, he made this challenge after Asian Muslims in Britain had attacked a church and parsonage. It reminds of those days when liberal Jew were supporting Black Panthers even after their groups had entered synagogues and bullied and beat up people in some of those same northern United States Jewish communities.

            In another Ramadan related event, the United States President was criticized for continuing to order bombing of the Taliban during Ramadan. Now this was the height of absurdity because you do not allow an enemy you are trying to defeat a breathing space to regroup and reequip if you wish to defeat him most efficiently. To add to the foolishness of the critics position, any slight investigation of Islamic history would reveal that they are not inclined to cease making war during their own religious season. So why should people they call infidels be expected to?

            The confusion is not all present in the events that are catching the international political eye. For instance a deacon in one of the more formal forms of church structure has taken a leave of absence so he can get a sex change. It is not too surprising because the religious group he is part of has a lot of sexual


 problems. It is ordaining women and homosexuals, and has been doing so for some time. Not only that it has often been a center of compromise with the occult as well. Not too long ago, some person either in jest or seriousness sprinkled salt all about one of their gathering halls before a meeting of church leaders. This is part of  ancient procedures followed in conducting an exorcism and guarding against the intrusion of demons into a place.

            On the subject of the occult, we have seen the wildly popular Harry Potter fad take off. It represents the next stage in the occultic corruption of modern man. We do not expect the majority of church people to be any more open to condemning this flirtation with the doctrines of demons than they have been to the exposing of demonic holidays like Halloween or popular children corrupters like Barney and Pokemon.

            In the area of occultic timelines we noted the passing of George Harrison, the second of the Beatles who were referred to by those in Satanic circles as “The Four Prophets.” Among other things these “lads from Liverpool” helped to popularize Hinduism and open the world to increasing occultic phenomenon. Harrison’s early death at the age of fifty-eight is not unusual for those in the rock music circles. They seldom reach the promised three score and ten.

            In American politics one of the so-called leaders in the Senate has really caught my eye as an example of the type of attitude that was prevalent before the fall of Rome, that is, people became more interested in their politics than what was good for Rome. This person is Patrick Leahy. He was dubbed “Senator Leaky” some years ago because he leaked information of a classified nature that actually put people’s lives at risk. He has now been re-nicknamed “Senator Depends.” This new unflattering nickname seems to have been given to him because which side he falls on in some issues depends on which political party originated it.

            Many readers might remember Senator Leahy for his strong pro-abortion stance or his close alliance with former President Clinton (and Hillary) and his efforts for them in their multitude of scandals. And some readers might question why these comments


appear in a report that should be oriented predominately toward Christian issues? The reason is that Senator Leahy has regularly managed to come down on the wrong side of moral issues, not necessarily always by what he has said but especially by what he has done when it has come to his performance.

            When Patrick Leahy became chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee he began omitting the statement “so help me  god” from the oath when people were sworn in. This was noticed by Senator Sessions who said, that no matter what religion a person adhered to when that term was used they understood they were morally bound to the truth. Unfortunately, not all those who set on that committee may have considered themselves to have some moral bindings.

            In the field of communications we have watched the continuing decline of that media for some time. Television is virtually unwatchable and people find themselves paying for more and more that contains less and less. Atlanta radio station WGST 640AM has long had the rude and crude “Kimmer” who should be considered an embarrassment to the Marine Corps as well as his station. The station is not embarrassed however. They have now added a new personality they are promoting by broadcasting a segment where he is bashing Christians. We might suppose that he could be their attempt to compete with Neil Boortz of 750AM fame who loves to pick on believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the things that is obvious when you look at communications in any form; the consensus of attitude is false religion should be respected and it is always politically correct to defame, demean, and berate Christians.

            To top it all off while all the above is going on we find that more and more people who go to church are more approving of sin than ever before. One of the changing attitudes that is an indicator of the great falling away that is taking place is the shift in people’s attitudes toward living together in sin without the benefit of marriage. A mind is corrupted when it is willing to argue that this type of behavior is acceptable. Christians should always seek to avoid even the appearance of evil. They soon find out that this often seems virtually impossible even without becoming enmeshed

 with sin.


            New polls have discovered that the religious preferences have changed and that Protestants and Baptists who once dominated the landscape are rapidly slipping both in numbers and in influence. Of course many of the things mentioned in this article should be considered as leading indicators of the reason this is so. In spite of the fact that eighty-four percent of all Americans would have their roots historically based in Christianity, many are finding new ways of identifying themselves so that Christ is eliminated from their lives. This is not because of a failure in the Lord Jesus Christ’s ability to illuminate lives, but of the people in the churches willingness to reflect His light to a lost and dying world.

            While there is much more that could be brought out and published in this report, there is only so much that people can absorb in a single reading. To those who study what goes into the end times issues it is painfully clear that the march toward the future judgement of the world is moving forward at a breakneck speed.

            We remind our readers that the invitation of Christ is always to the individual whether he be Jew or Gentile, free or bond. Each of us must decide in these last days what we will do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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